Let’s knock one of the biggest myths known to humankind right on the head right now: it is never too late to start exercising. Never. Never ever. It doesn’t matter what age you are, staying active is the most effective way to keep you looking and, more importantly, feeling your absolute best. If anything, upping the ante when you hit what people love to call the ‘Golden Years’ (talk about patronizing!).

The reason you should get more involved with exercise the older you get is because of the health benefits. Disease, cancer, arthritis, mobility; all that sort of cool stuff we take for granted. However, motivationally speaking, exercising always seems like hard work, kind of like the bang isn’t going to be worth the buck. Well, listen up, because it totally is, especially if you know what kind of activities suits you best.

Amazing Aerobics

This is right at the top of the list because it ticks all the boxes. It isn’t too strenuous and the results are super. It doesn’t matter what your exercise aims are, aerobics can probably help out. Burning off fat. Check. Lower blood pressure. Check. Reduce cholesterol levels. Check. Improve mobility and flexibility. Check. Do some good for your heart. Check. Boost your energy levels. Check. It’s amazing. What’s more, you only have to start with a five-minute session and just do that a few times a week to feel the benefits. We’ll say it one more time; amazing.

Build Muscle

This is one of the dreams that people let go of the older they get. It makes sense; strength training is a pretty tough gig. But there are ways around this. There are ways for you to build muscle without putting too much stress on your body. Resistance bands. That’s what these things are designed for. Chest, legs, abs, arms; resistance bands do it all, and there is no weight involved. Still, don’t believe us, there is more here: http://www.mobilityguardian.com/resistance-band-chest-exercises/. Or do some squats. This is one of the most incredible low-impact exercises you can do, and not only does it build muscle but helps your balance too. Or use some really light weights, to begin with. It’s all about knowing your needs and limits.

Lower The Impact

One of the things that can put elderly people off exercising is their mobility. This is something that reduces in old age. But low mobility or increased pain when moving doesn’t have to put a halt to your ambitions, it just means doing exercises you are able to do. This means low-impact activities, like those listed on http://www.comfortkeepers.com/. To give you a quick overview, though, this could mean taking to the pool and getting your swim on. If you’d rather stay on dry land, however, then why not sign up for a yoga class, or pilates, maybe even Tai Chi. There are usually low weights and stretching classes on offer too.

That is the beauty of exercise, the options are almost endless, and that means you can tailor what you do to your needs, and even your wants. The first step is wanting too, the rest is easier than you think.

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