If you want to enjoy a fulfilling life both inside and outside of work, you need to take a break every now and again. You’re never going to lead a fruitful existence if you constantly work your fingers to the bone, simply because this will result in you overexerting yourself. This will then lead to fatigue, which in turn will have an adverse effect on both your personal and professional lives.

The weekend offers you the perfect opportunity to slow down and enjoy a well-deserved break. If you want to renew and refresh your work ethic over this two-day period, be sure to heed the following advice.

Here are two things you must do to recharge your batteries during your time off at the weekend:

Pamper yourself

A long, hard week at work can leave you feeling pretty spent. After having worked tirelessly for five days or more, both your body and mind will no doubt be craving some sort of a reprieve. There are plenty of things that you can do to provide yourself with a much-needed physical and mental realignment in this sense, one of the most effective being to pamper yourself.

No matter what lengths you go to in performing this task — whether you simply run yourself a bath, whether you apply Happy Collective wellness products to your skin, or whether you book yourself in for a professional massage retreat — taking this course of action will be sure to leave you feeling like a brand new person. This all-important physical and mental reinvigoration will leave you feeling refreshed. Ultimately, this will be sure to have a profound positive impact on your focus, which in turn will help you to hit the ground running when you return to your workstation on Monday morning.

Completely detach from your work

A Weekend Guide: How to Recharge During Your Time Off From Work 1

The weekend is designed to help you hit the reset button on your focus. If you want to take full advantage of this opportunity, it’s imperative that you find a way to detach yourself from your work completely. Stop bringing your work home with you, and start indulging in some much-deserved ‘me time’!

You’re never going to reinvigorate your professional motivation if you fail to step away from the tasks that you have at hand, which is why you must find a way to distract yourself from your work. Here are seven weekend activities that will be sure to help you do just that:

1. Binge-watching your favorite TV shows

2. Yoga

3. Listening to soothing music

4. Mindful mediation

5. Playing games (board games or video games)

6. Going for a walk in nature

7. Motivational reading

8. Writing about your thoughts and feelings

9. Breathing exercises

10. Brainteaser activities

Friday evening to Monday morning is your time — whatever you do, don’t waste it! Put down your workload, switch off your work phone, and heed the advice laid out above. If you do all of that, you’ll be sure to get more out of your weekends.

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