#HotGirlFall is trending worldwide, thanks to Miley Cyrus and every girl want to make the most of it in this pink winter season. If you are trendy girl, trying to achieve her dream life in Bangalore, then you should be thankful that you are blessed with the same kind of weather throughout the year which is required to make the most of the popular hashtag! The concept of the hashtag is to just enjoy the weather, have a fun time, hanging out with your friends and not caring a bit what the society says about you or how it portrays your personality. It is more about being truly yourself and if you wish to join the gang too, then here’s how you could do it in Bangalore!

The Coffee Time

After work or on a weekend, hang out with your friends while sipping hot coffee in your favourite cafe and having the fun of your life. If you wish to dress accordingly, then you know the code, a sweatshirt, plead skirt, light cardigan, boots and your signature fragrance, create your own personalised outfit and embrace the autumn.

The Sweet Taste of Midnight

Double the fun while satiating your sweet cravings altogether! Order a cake online in Bangalore and enjoy with your friends and break the rule of having a slice, only on occasions. Nothing could be better than having a bite of scrumptious cake in the midnight of a chilly season.

Visit a Haunted House

Although Halloween is not big in India but you can have a taste of the spooky season by visiting a haunted house which will give you goosebumps and make you scream out of fear. There is no harm in having a little fun with your girlfriends while appreciating a different culture altogether!

Pump Up on Health

Plan a day with your friends for a hike on Nandi Hills, one of the famous tourist destination in the city. Absorb the scenic beauty and experience a healthy yet enjoyable workout that will inspire you to work more for fitness and health. Don't forget to pack healthy snacks and plenty of water while on the trip!

Bake The Apple Pie

Put the baker’s hat on and prepare an appetizing pie which will garner appreciations from all sides. The flavoursome smell rising from the freshly baked recipe will attract your friends and neighbours right away! Share a slice and enjoy the misty weather with your near and dear ones.

Famer’s Market Spree

There must be some amazing farmer’s markets nearby with a countryside ambience and fresh fruits and veggies at the most affordable rates. Visit it with your friends and pick some exotic choices to enjoy this season. Make sure to go for organic produce which is free from chemicals.

Cozy Up You Corner

Renovate your room with your favourite fall elements to lend a cosy fall vibe to your personal space in the house. You could spruce up the room without spending any heavy amount. Pick the bedding and drapes with warm tones and decorate the room accordingly.

Watch A Scary Movie

Plan a movie night with your buddies and play your favourite scary movies while you all huddle inside the blanket during the most horror bit of the movie. If not with friends, you can have a unique movie date with your partner too. 

Enjoy The Outfits

Grab your fall outfits and create stunning layers every day. Those Pinterest worthy pictures will make heads turn in envy while you will be initiating trends left and right! This season, paint the town with fall hues and hop in style all day!

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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