Creating code and notes rarely does without snippets. This is reasonable because all people want to do less routine work. It is especially true for similar projects. Let's look at the nine most popular snipet mac managers that you should try.


This is a simple and lightweight snippet application. There is a library of extensions, a quick search for code fragments, and convenient design. The utility allows you to store a large number of code lines and use them on your macOS device.


Many programmers will appreciate this snippet web platform. First of all, this is the ability to share code with a large community. You can organize real-time previews and work with syntax highlighting. Social features are great for freelancers and open source developers.


SnipperApp2 is a great choice for programmers, engineers, and computer science students. This application has syntax highlighting for 120+ programming languages. Here is a list of the most interesting features:

  • Github flavored markdown
  • Search by tags and folders;
  • Sync with iCloud and GitHub Gist.

You can use backups, attach pictures to your text or Markdown notes. A convenient menu bar allows you to search for snippets in the application quickly.


This utility is known to many users. This snippet manager is convenient for creating and editing code fragments. Another plus is the ability to store code blocks online. You can work solo or as a team. The utility also allows you to exchange files over the network.


This utility is interesting for its simplicity and minimalism. A simple interface allows you to work with the most popular programming languages and store snippets. The utility allows you to start the workflow as quickly as possible.


It is a web-based platform for sharing code with colleagues and creating notes. Here you can quickly organize your workspace and look for previous developments. A special browser extension makes copying and saving snippets easy.


This is an interesting utility with syntax highlighting and privacy settings. The application also has a special timer that counts the time of public availability of individual snippets. In general, this is a convenient option for a beginner and advanced programmer without requests for multifunctionality.

Snippet Manager Pro

This is a comprehensive server solution for creating your own snippet repository. This web-based application is suitable for fine-tuning and creating a private server with snippets. You can also use the import of fragments from Gist to automate the work.


It is a universal utility with a simple software interface and synchronization with GitHub Gists. This is suitable for people who store their work in the cloud and want to work anywhere in the world. The utility has several color themes.

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