When you have teenagers, you will notice that they have a surprising amount of stress because everyone is asking them what they want to do with their lives. You may hear them worry aloud about their hobbies, their futures and even their social circle. Then there are those teenagers that know exactly what they want to do but have no support from anyone around them to truly maximize their own talents. Teenagers have their own dreams, and you – as their guardian – are there to support and help them to grow their dreams the right way.

Whether your teenager dreams of writing their own book and needs some guidance of where to get started, or they love to play instruments and you want to get some sound advice for musicians buying musical equipment, you need to learn how to support your teenager. We want our teenagers to have goals and whether that's the goals that they want to focus on right now, or it's the goals that they have for the future, you can help your teenager to achieve them. Below, we have eight ways to motivate and support your teen's dreams!

  • Get Them Out. Your teenager doesn't have to move out to be successful with their dreams. You can nudge them out the door and into the right music classes or the right sports team. It's very hard to dream big when your teenager spends most of their time inside and away from the things that could get them going. You can get them out the door and into the right classes and clubs, and your teenager would be most appreciative of your help if it means that they get what they need!
  • Build Them Up. Confidence is hard to come by in teenagers, and if you want to motivate yours, start by building them up! If they want to be a musician, talk them up on their abilities and how unique they are. Go to every single show they play and every recital they sing or dance at. Be there to put your thumbs up and cheer them on. When you build up their confidence, they feel like they can go the distance!
  • Don't Laugh. Your teenager has come to you and asked that you help them become an Olympic gymnast. Or they've asked you to start learning how to play saxophone. Whatever their dream may be, you should never – ever – laugh. It doesn't matter if their dreams are bigger than yours, or they don't make sense to you. They've trusted you with something that's important to them, and you should support it and help them to push for their own future. Teenagers need your support, and you can give them that by taking it seriously.
  • Research Together. What is it that they want to achieve? If your teenager wants to be a musician and play rock on stage, research the best teachers out there and come up with a plan to help your teenager to learn everything about their craft. Do the research together so that they can feel secure that you are on their side.
  • Take Them To Events. Whether your teenager wants to be a musician or they want to play football professionally, take them to events to bolster their confidence. You can use these events to help them to cement what they want for their future, and you can talk more about how to get them from where they are now to that stage or that field. Talk to their music teacher and their sports coach, and you can get their help to devise a plan!
  • Find A Mentor. As an adult, you are the person who can connect your teenager to a mentor that will help them alongside you to realize their biggest wishes and dreams. They can help your teenager to feel as if it's not just you who supports them in anything they want to do.
  • Find Their Peers. Some teenagers really feel encouraged when they know that other teenagers at their age have achieved the same things that they want. Think teen musicians who become legendary rock stars! Their peers can give them someone to look up to and this can help them to feel as if their dreams are never out of reach.
  • Give Them Time. Teenagers aren't always focused on just one dream. You need to give them enough time to realize what it is that they want the most – it may not be the first idea. No matter what, your teenager needs motivation and you can give it to them!

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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