Although traveling from one corner of the world to another has become convenient and time-saving with air-travel, road trips have a charm of its own. Long road trips through the countryside, green valleys, and muddy streets are beautiful, adventurous, and full of dangers at the same time. 

Whether you are the driver or a passenger, long road journeys require physical and mental strength and the courage to survive untoward circumstances. Therefore, it is essential to take all the measures to make your trip comfortable for you and your fellow passengers. 

In this article, we look at six ways to survive long road tours without going crazy.

1. Make Your Schedule

Unlike air travel or train journeys, you can’t really plan the duration of your road journey to a destination. However, it is crucial to make a tentative schedule of things you would do on the trip. This list should ideally include the hour of beginning the journey, stops on the way, list of destinations you desire to visit, the amount of time you will drive, the activities you’ll do, etc. You also need to plan the car’s maintenance, refueling, food breaks, health assessment (this is crucial for kids and older people who may not be comfortable with long car journeys).

If you are driving the car, let one of your co-passengers keep a track on the schedule.  

2. Make Yourself Comfortable

On long drives, you are bound to be uncomfortable, especially if you drive and have to stay in the same position for an extended period. To keep the fatigue away, try the following tricks.

Always wear comfortable and loose clothes, be it summer or winter. It will help you move and stretch easily. Wear breathable shoes. Slip-on shoes are a better choice as you can easily lift and fold your legs when you want to do so. 

Bring small pillows and blankets with you. You can use the blankets to maintain warmth in the winters. Blankets can also be used as extra cushion for your seat. You can use the pillows to give support to your lower back. Try to keep the interiors of the car as roomy as possible. Shift all your luggage on the car roof rack.  

Some people get uncomfortable if they have to drive during the night. If you are such a person who becomes nervous while driving at night, take another person who can drive at night. 

3. Ensure You Are At Peace With Your Co-Passengers 

If you are angry with your fellow travelers, or there are issues which may affect the trip, you must solve those before setting out. Being angry with people sitting next to you in the car can make long journeys cumbersome. Moreover, any argument or verbal altercations may distract the person sitting on the wheel, which may lead to a fatal accident.      

An easy way to avoid unnecessary arguments during road journeys is to decide key things with your companions before you start off. Decide even small things like who will drive the car, which spots will be visited, and who will sit on the front seat. 

4. Eating On The Go: Food and Snacks Ideas

Although you need to cover as much ground as possible to reach your destination, it is never a good idea to skip meals. There are two ways you can eat food: eating in your car and eating at a roadside eatery. 

Taking homemade food with you is always the better option on long road trips as you may not find restaurants or fast food centers on the way every time you feel hungry. Not all food centers you find along the road are safe. If you have to eat outside food, make sure it is a trusted eatery, as the last thing you would want on a long road trip is an upset stomach. 

Along with packed meals, carry enough snacks to eat on the go. Kids will love things like sandwiches, chips, chocolates, mixed nuts, protein bars, Oreos, and string cheese. For health-conscious elders, pack sliced fruit or berries, roasted seaweed, pumpkin seeds, and bananas.   

5. Make Your Journey An Entertaining One

Remaining awake and alert is a crucial requirement for long road trips, especially for the driver. Although snacks and drinks can help you to stay focussed on the job, entertainment in the car really makes things breezy and less stressful.

Install a good music system in the car and select songs that are fast and help you remain active and happy. You can make a playlist in advance so that there is no haste for soundtracks at the last moment. If you are a book lover, you can opt for audiobooks to keep yourself hooked for a long time. 

Having conversations with others in the car is another excellent way to keep the spirit up. Long road trips are great opportunities to talk about future goals, business ideas, children’s future, etc. When you are not in the mood of chatting, you can tell a story or hear it from others.

6. Keep The Kids Engaged In Offline Car Games

If you have kids with you, you need to plan something for them to avoid backseat squabbling. If the kids fight among themselves or create noise, it may distract you from driving. 

To keep your kids engaged, give them the toys of their choice. Battery-powered cars, robots, and dolls can keep the kids glued for a long time. If your kids are over five, try the popular pastime games like I Spy, Alphabet Game, and License Plate Game. These games will challenge the concentration levels of your kids and keep them engaged at the same time. 

For kids who love art, give them art and craft sets and let them remain engrossed in their creative activities. Avoid giving them water-colors as it may create a mess in your car.     

Final Words 

Long road trips can be a lot of fun if you plan well and take care of the requirements of people accompanying you. Even before you begin your journey, there are several things you must do, such as booking the accommodation, knowing the opening timings of the sights you will visit, contacting tour guides, packing necessary car parts, and purchasing travel insurance. 

If you are not well aware of the geography of the area you will drive through, use multiple navigation tools like Google Maps, compass, national geographic travel maps, etc. When you plan to travel through unfamiliar ways, carry extra water bottles, dry foods, and flashlights. 

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