Everyone has a team. Most have two, actually — the one they love, and the one they love to hate. Over the years a sports dynasty can build up quite a reputation based on the players and even the coach. Sometimes, win or lose, it's all about the team colors and the way they look when you're seeing red. Whether you want these teams to win or lose, these six sports dynasties are sure to inspire passion.

Miami Heat

Miami Heat gets no respect — and rightfully so. In the past, they've been accused of buying the championship. Heat players are some of the highest paid ballers in the league. Forbes reports their valuation at $770 million, ranking them 7th for highest paid teams in the NBA.

Anti-fans can't stand the idea that money buys hoops — especially when they perceive that the money buys titles.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are supposed to be “America's team,” after all. So what's with the Dallas Cowboys and all the anti-fans? For starters, the quarterback, Tony Romo, is plagued by injuries that kill fan confidence. People don't exactly love the fans either – the garish “don't mess with Texas” team spirit comes off as cocky to most.

The recent controversy surrounding Josh Brent — his DUI and car crash, plus manslaughter charges for the death of his passenger and former teammate — certainly don't help the Cowboys' image.

Los Angeles Lakers

The LA Lakers suffer from “too many wins” syndrome. Anti-fans just can't stand multi-time champions. But Kobe Bryant may have solidified the Lakers' status in the basketball burn book.

Not only did Bryant allegedly rape a woman (to be fair, the charges were dismissed), he's also one of the best and most dominant players in the NBA. His conflicting characteristics have anti-fans in a rage. They can't decide why to hate him, and the same goes for the Lakers.

New York Yankees

It's hard to tell if all the Yankees hate is directed at the team or Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod). Watch the New York Yankees play and you'll see how the actions of one man tainted an entire team. From cheating to doping and his recent suspension, A-Rod doesn't make the Yankees look good.

But there's more hype to the hate. The long-standing rivalry between the Red Sox and the Yankees has certainly helped the Yankees earn their love-to-hate rep. Anti-fans and fans alike are also bored by their wins. Yep, too many wins can actually kill a team's cred. Who would've thought?

Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox are right up there with the Yankees for teams we love to hate. The Sox spent a lot of years at the bottom of the baseball barrel. Now that they're back on top, anti-fans just can't stand it. As Joe Keohane of Boston Magazine puts it, “The Red Sox are champions again, which means Boston may finally be returning to its rightful place of being loathed.”

If the Sox continue to win, they could move even higher in the ranks for Most Hated Team Ever. Fans hate 'em when they win and they hate 'em when they lose. It's no surprise — Boston teams have never been a fan favorite.

New England Patriots

Pretty boy Tom Brady isn't even the beginning of the New England Patriots problems. The Pats have an awesome record. Sounds good, right? As you already know, anti-fans love to hate the good teams. The Pats took the hate to the next level with the 2013 cheating scandal.

Bill Belichick — the Pats coach — doesn't exactly inspire warm and fuzzy feelings either. He's crude and, quite frankly, he's a jerk. Anti-fans can't stand Belichick, and the Pats are hated even more because of him.

At the end of the game, all's fair in love and sports — except that ref's call, that was just BS. Whether you're an anti-fan or just an enraged enthusiast, these teams are sure to inspire fury. What sports teams do you love to hate? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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