As you get older, you might start to realize that your parent needs more care, especially if they live alone. You could move closer, visit regularly, or keep in touch with their neighbor to ensure they are getting by OK. There may come a point, though, that your elderly parent should no longer be living alone. It’s crucial to know the signs so that you can find them a comfortable and safe place to live, so here are six of them. 

1. They Keep Having Accidents 

Having one accident isn’t necessarily an indication that they need extra care, especially if it’s minor, but if it’s starting to happen regularly and you’re finding they have bruises on their body, it is time to intervene. After all, you don’t want the next one to be serious. 

The cause of the accidents could be that they are struggling with mobility, which doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll need 24-hour assistance. Instead, home health care or an assisted living community would work well. If you are considering finding your parent an apartment home in an assisted community, Bethesda assisted living suggests looking for places with plenty of amenities, great access to the internet, and quality chef-prepared food. After all, your parent deserves a little luxury in their later years! 

2. Their Cognitive Function is in Decline 

Cognitive decline is unfortunately common in the elderly. Early signs of dementia include confusion, forgetting phrases, and depression, so if your parent shows any of these symptoms, it’s a good idea to get them checked out. 

If your parent suffers from cognitive decline, they could become a hazard to themselves while living alone, so consider hiring a home health aide or finding an assisted community for ongoing access to the care that they need.  

3. They are Neglecting their Hygiene 

Poor hygiene is a classic sign that someone needs extra care. If your parent, who is usually well-kept, is no longer washing, it’s time to intervene. There are several potential causes, including mobility problems as well as mental health issues, so start the conversation to figure out how to help. 

4. Dramatic Weight Loss

Another sign to look out for is dramatic weight loss. It’s not uncommon for seniors to lose weight, but if they lose a lot of it in a short amount of time, they could have a health problem or be struggling to feed themselves. In this case, you must consider moving them to a place where they have access to care. 

5. They Never Leave the House

Even if your parent seems healthy and their home is suitable if they never leave the house, that could be a warning sign that something is wrong. While some people are simply homebodies, staying alone and inside all the time is bad for the health in several ways, so figure out the root cause and consider finding them some extra care. 

6. They Are Lonely

Loneliness can be just as worrying as an illness, especially seen as it can even increase the chances of dementia. If your parent lives far away and on their own, it’s worth bringing up the idea of moving closer or finding someone to live with. After all, no senior should be isolated. 

It’s tricky to know when your parent needs a little extra help. By looking out for these signs, you’ll have a better idea about when they’re no longer suited to living alone. 

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