If you find yourself getting bored of a room or the way its set out then it’s probably the time for change. This doesn’t have to be an expensive task, but money spent in the right way can go a long way in breathing fresh life into your new home:


Painting your walls can instantly brighten up your home, making it appear well cared for and fresh. You could even change the entire colour theme of a room, or just paint one wall a colour whilst the rest of them are white. It’s a good idea to try it this way since having a solid colour on every wall can make rooms appear smaller, where one colour and the rest being painted white will open it up by bouncing more light around the room.

New Furniture

Replacing or fixing some of your older furniture could give a room new life. Tired of that squeaky old chair in your bedroom? Replace it with something more modern like a Bucket Chair. The structure of these chairs relaxes the back muscles and provides rest for the spine. They come in a wide variety of colours and fabrics so you’re bound to find one that suits your room and because of this; it’s likely to seem much more personalised to you too. Otherwise you could reupholster your existing furniture with something more modern or fitting to the room.


If you’ve seen some art or photography online that you like, chances are there’s a way to purchase it on canvas. It might be all you need to liven up a room and it can be easily replaced if you get bored of it in the future. The main site to offer this service would be deviantart, which has a wide variety of photography and art available for prints on canvas or other materials. Another option would be to get a local artist to paint a mural directly on your walls, and then if you ever get bored of it, you can always just paint over it or get a new design painted on top.


Nothing will make your home seem fresher than doing a general clean and declutter. It instantly makes your home seem more spacious after you eliminate junk and items you haven’t used in months. Sort out that pile of letters; put dvds away and back in their cases, lots of little things quickly add up to a cleaner home. If you can’t part with the clutter, put it in a storage unit or in the garage.

Move Things

Rearranging a room might improve it substantially; maybe making extra space, or giving it a new purpose. It also helps save your carpet and flooring if you do it seasonally, preventing the same area being worn away by traffic patterns. It makes it much easier to clean as you move things around, preventing build up and making the rooms feel fresher. As you try different layouts, you might find that you appreciate a room in a way that you hadn’t previously, maybe the new position for your bed now causes it to get covered in sun light, pleasantly waking you up in the morning instead.


Experiment with different lighting, either with more powerful bulbs, different shades or changing the blinds on the windows. Doing this could completely change the feel and purpose of a room, letting in extra sun light or lighting the corners better will open the room up much more.

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