5 Types of Sites You Can Build With WordPress 1A CMS is a content management system and this is basically a fancy term for a type of software that allows one to create a website or blog. One of the better known and most popular CMS software systems is WordPress. Started by a young guy named Matt Mullenweg just a few short years ago, it has taken on a life of its own and millions of users later WordPress is a tool like no other.

We would argue that there’s a “slight” learning curve, while others claim it’s easy as pie to use and manage. Let me clarify WordPress is easy to use and manage, however to reap it’s full benefits, a complete newbie to online technology would be a tad lost. It took me roughly a few months to learn it well enough to get by, and about a year (or two) to truly deeply learn all its wonderful nooks and crannies. As I stated in a previous article one of the BEST ways to learn WordPress is via another blogger that already uses it. And knows it well.

But assuming you know it well enough to get by, below are five types of sites you can build with the popular and FREE CMS known to many a blog owner as WordPress.

1. Personal Blog – if you’re a real estate agent, hair dresser, mechanic or of any other professional background WordPress is great for creating and setting up your personal blog. This could be information about yourself, your skills, certification, licenses, etc. You could use it as a resume of sorts when looking for employment or simply as your placeholder online.

An example of a good personal blog built on WordPress is the site of real estate agent Ribeezie otherwise known as Ricardo Bueno. Notice how he uses the platform to establish himself as an authority in his field, this is how it’s done, take notes and see if you can emulate what he’s been able to do with his personal blog.

2. Company Site – whatever type of business you operate you can be sure someone has already used WordPress to make a website in your niche. You can hire the task out, you can try and do it yourself however the key takeaway is that with WordPress anything is possible including your company site.

An example of a cool and easy company site built on WordPress is the site of Extreme Tan and Smoothies based in Florida. For those who spend a good deal on Twitter and or social media might recognize this site as belonging to Extreme John who I easily could have used as an example of a good personal blog for number one above.

3. eCommerce – with an ecommerce plugin, just about any type of online shop can be created using WordPress. Can you create an Amazon.com size store? Well I highly doubt that as an online shop of that magnitude would require some sort of custom cart and many other custom enhancements. But assuming you’re not out to build the next Amazon.com, then WordPress would fit your needs just fine. And do so quite well.

An example of an e-commerce site built using WordPress is Chopper, an online shop for skateboarders. The site sells clothing, shoes and other assorted merchandise aimed at those who skate. It’s a nice looking site with built-in cart functionality and a fully operational shop.

4. Landing Page – a landing page is essentially a one page site that is used for a laser focused purpose such as collecting email leads, selling a product and or other single purpose. Many who use WordPress for their landing pages use it for email capture and or for selling a single product such as an ebook.

An example of a landing page site built using WordPress would be the Probloger Book page where noted blogger Darren Rowse sells his book. It’s simple and created using WordPress.

5. Portfolio Site – this is what a website designer, a freelance photographer and anyone who creates a visual service for a living would use to showcase their work, skills and talent for all to see. As a website designer you naturally would link to and highlight the various websites you’ve created over the years. As a photographer you would link to and display your most noted and celebrated photos for prospective clients to view and so on.

Your turn to speak? Leave a comment below and show us examples of good portfolio sites built using WordPress and do include a link in your comment. We look forward to your good picks.

As you can see from my examples above, WordPress is quite robust and comprehensive. It’s pliable enough that you can create just about any type of website imaginable. This is why it’s the CMS of choice among many web professionals.

Guest article by: Missy Diaz who relishes writing for BroadbandExpert.com, a high speed internet service provider.

5 Types of Sites You Can Build With WordPress 2

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