Every individual has his/her own lifestyle choices. After all, such traits in life make them unique. These options help them relax, enjoy, and feel comfortable in their own way. One of such habits is smoking a cigar. These intoxicating rolls consist of the finest tobacco that adults love to smoke after a tiring day or after a meal. Unlike a cigarette, a cigar has a unique taste that can be cherished fully only when it is smoked the right way. This post will thus help you out if you want to enjoy a cigar. Do note that some of these tips may require you to choose a specific cigar.

  • Choosing based on the time you want to enjoy smoking

To select a cigar for smoking, you must choose it based on the time you want to enjoy it. This is important as the best ones offer premium taste only when cherished in one go. If you have ample time to smoke one completely, then choose a Torpedo or Churchill cigar. However, if you just have a few minutes to spare for this activity, then you can choose a Corona Petit cigar.

  • Select cigars that are longer

It is prudent that you select a cigar that is longer in length. This is because the amount of heat generated in these tobacco rolls is much more than in cigarettes. Thus, shorter ones will burn quicker and they lack proper development of the flavor. On the other hand, the longer ones comprise of enough length for the tobacco to burn and generate flavor that you can admire. In addition, the longer ones comprise of the entire tobacco leave rolled to form the surface. The oils move via the fillers as a person smokes it without oozing out, hence giving a bolder flavor.

  • Don’t judge on color

You may feel like a cigar that is colored darker will have a richer taste than a lighter one. However, the lighter ones are usually stronger. Anatomy of a cigar explains that the one with a darker shade incorporates Maduro wrappers that offer a bitter sweet or sweeter control. Do not consider this point as a universal rule as lighter cigars too can be mild or light in flavor at times. Learn more about cigars at Thecigarcafe.Com.

  • Do not inhale the smoke

Remember that the process of enjoying a cigar is not the same as that of a cigarette. You are not enjoying a cigar to get high, but for the flavor. Thus, you should not inhale the smoke inside you. Instead, just suck the smoke, keep it in your mouth and exhale it out after enjoying the flavor of the burning tobacco.

  • Cutting it straight

You may require a cigar cutter (a twin guillotine one preferably) for cutting it properly. Remember the best cut is the one cuts completely straight. This can be done by placing the cutter on a flat surface, laying the closed end of the roll between the cutter blades, and chopping the head off. Thus, you can have an excellent cut without any inclination.

Cigars are great to enjoy if you are a fan of mesmerizing tobacco flavors. Thus, choose the best ones for your relaxing time.

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