Lower back pain is a common occupational problem resulting from overworking or spending most of the day walking or standing. Sometimes the pain may stem from pulling a muscle due to strenuous activity. A stiff or paining back can inconvenience you, reducing your work output and minimizing the quality of life. Calling in sick in the middle of an important project due to back stiffness does not bode well with the bosses.

Whether specific or general, lower back pain can be alleviated by a raft of exercises targeting the affected part and the whole body. The following simple exercises will get you moving again after an episode of lower back stiffness and build your muscle strength.

Cat-cow stretches

A simple yet effective exercise, cat-cow stretches help you relieve those tensions that have built up in back and buttock muscles throughout the day. This exercise routine is particularly effective in strengthening your back and giving it the much-needed flexibility. Experts in scoliosis surgery recommend this exercise, especially during later stages of recovery after an operation to correct the spinal curvature. Drawing your belly button towards the spine with your back arched while you are on your knees and hands is richly rewarding. Relaxing your stomach muscles in slow and rhythmic actions also releases tension on your lower back.

Piriformis stretch

This exercise targets the piriformis muscle of the buttocks. However, the benefits stretch to the lower back, where it relieves stiffness. This simple stretch is performed by lying on your back, bending the knees while ensuring that your feet remain planted flat on the exercise surface. Hold your left ankle and pull it until it touches the uppermost base of the right thighs. After ten reps, repeat the routine for the right ankle.  

Child’s pose

This yoga exercise targets multiple body parts that are usually associated with stiffness and pain. Other than the lower back, a child’s pose is also good for exercising your spine and neck. When correctly executed, this routine also works the shoulders. Since this pose improves blood circulation, your lower back tightness and pain will subside within a few hours. Take a crawling baby pose and repeatedly sink back and arch forward with your arms extended forward.

Partial stomach crunches

This simple exercise targets the stomach muscles and lower back area. Partial stomach crunches primarily target the core, giving it the much-needed strength to sustain strenuous activities. After a long day at work, you can relieve your lower back pain stiff back, neck, and spine by lying back on the floor and bending your knees. Keep your feet flat on the floor and your hands on the back of the head at all times. Tightening your stomach muscles, perform the crunches while you synchronize every movement with your breathing. Each arch upwards should correspond to your exhalation. 

Sphinx stretch

During this routine, you gently bend your back while tightly holding your pelvis to the floor. Ensure that your feet are marginally apart. Repeat the slow backbends while gazing straight ahead to relieve lower back pain and muscle tension.

Relieving lower back pain and tension requires working your core, buttock, stomach, and back muscles, and your pelvis. Prevent back pain by adopting a simple exercise routine that suits your lifestyle. 

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