Whether you are one of the many people who undertake a lot of DIY projects in your free time, or you are a professional woodworker, you will end up with a lot of scrap wood. From small chunks to long lengths, at first glance they can seem useless. However, there are lots of ways that scrap wood can be repurposed to create unique and attractive pieces for your home. If you have a big pile of wooden odds and ends in your garden, garage or outhouse and are considering throwing them out, here are five scrap wood DIY projects to consider before you do. 

1. Cutting board

Plastic cutting boards are all very well, but a chunky, rustic cutting board looks wonderful when done well. Luckily, a cutting board is one of the simplest projects you can make from wood as you only need to create a smooth surface for cutting, sand it down, and oil it. The best cutting boards are made from tree trunks to give that rustic finish, or some are made using strips of different woods that have been secured together. 

2. Coasters

If you have a section of log that is around 3-4 inches in diameter, slicing it into discs will give you beautiful coasters. The best types of wood for coasters are pine, fir, and cedar as they are soft, but hardwoods like beech, maple or oak can be stronger and will last longer.

3. Serving Tray

A unique serving tray is a versatile piece that can be used for coffee and cake with friends, bringing food to a dining room table or drinks on your bedside table. You would need wood board cupboard pull handles and some wood stain or paint depending on the finish you want. You can finish the tray by adding handles with woodscrews designed for use on chipboard and softwood. If you want to add an extra finishing touch, consider adding a stenciled design before finishing in a lacquer to protect it from scratches and spilled drinks.

4. Bath Caddy

If you like to relax in the bath, a bath caddy is a great project. You can have a coffee or a glass of wine, read a book, play on a tablet or your smartphone with you as you relax in the bath by carving some grooves into the wood that will hold your items in place. Creating a bath caddy is a lot like creating a serving tray, but you will need to match it to the width of your bath and consider how it will be held securely in place. It will also need to be finished in a stain or lacquer that is waterproof. You might also want to consider the color scheme of your bathroom when staining or painting your caddy.

5. Planter or garden storage

Old pallets make a great base for a wooden box for your garden or an indoor or outdoor planter. Many people use pallets to make a square or rectangle to hold herbs, fruiting plants or flowers. In fact, a wooden box can be used to store lots of different gardening items such as seeds, tools and compost. If you are looking to plant in the box, you will need to consider the size of the pots you want to keep inside. 

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