Many studies have shown that being a sports fan is actually healthy for you; just as much so as playing sports. If you’re an avid sports fan, you’ve probably got some aggravation for it at some point. Perhaps your partner has complained, or your friends have poked fun at you for being so passionate. Well, now you can tell them why it’s so important you stay exactly as you are.


While some people read books or watch movies, watching sports is the same type of escapism for many people. Everyone needs to find something that takes them away from the everyday hustle and bustle. Watching sports can be a huge stress reliever, and if you enjoy it, you’ll probably forget about everything else around you. It’s likely that you’ll feel euphoric when your favorite teams win which is a fantastic health benefit for anyone. The body releases endorphins the same way it does when you actually take part in sport.

Gives You Hope

When it comes to sport, the underdog always stands a chance. Therefore, no matter how badly your team has been performing, hope stays alive. It’s why so many people become life-long supporters of a particular team. For example, Winnipeg Jets fans like these never expected to beat Nashville but the unthinkable happened and people went home with renewed faith. Watching sport can renew your entire perspective on life.

Age is Just a Number

In many sports, the players usually retire by a certain age. For many sports players, their retirement comes by the time they reach forty years old. However, there are those few players that stay so well in shape and are so good at what they do, they get to carry on. For fans, this is a huge inspiration. It shows that age doesn’t define what you can and can’t do. To many people, age is just a number, and it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or a veteran- you can do what you put your mind to.

Exercise Motivation

Those who watch sports are often interested in playing too. For example, those who like to watch football may create a 5-a-side team in their local area. Even if fans watch a sport they know they’re no good at, they still get to watch the benefits of playing sport on the TV. That often results in them playing some kind of sport in their spare time. Watching a good match is all the inspiration you need to motivate yourself to play the game yourself.

An Excuse for a Get Together

5 Reasons Being a Sports Fan is Healthy 1

Sports is fantastic way to get to know like-minded people. It’s an ideal opportunity to spend time with friends, eating dip, chips and wings. Whether you’re making new friends or spending time with friends you’ve known for years, sports is still enriching your life. For example, even if some of the family don’t enjoy it, the Superbowl is one of the best excuses to make an event at home.

Sports can bring people together in a way few other things can.

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