All car enthusiasts would love to watch car movies, or movies that revolve around cars to some extent. It is typical that people would favour movies that relate to their general interests, and cars are no different. There has been an abundance of movies created around cars, let’s have a look at 5 of the best from the modern ear.

The Fast and the Furious

Not many car movies are based around a trilogy. The Fast and the Furious are about to launch their 6th and possibly final movie. Created back in 2001, these films have been providing entertainment with extreme car scenes from a variety of locations throughout the world. It also features an all-star cast to generate more interest from a variety of ages and genders. Each movie in the trilogy tends to have a little more story line than just high speed car chases. Although, there is a variety of those.

Gone in Sixty Seconds

Released in the year 2000, Gone in Sixty Seconds featured a prominent movie star at his peak, Nicholas Cage, and also introduced a variety of up and coming stars at that time, that are now stars of today. The movie is set in California and the story line incorporates a group of car thieves trying to steal 50 cars in less than a minute each. If you like done up cars, this is definitely one for you as there is an abundance of hot cars of all makes, models and modifications featured throughout the film.


This one is more for the kiddies, however is popular among many adults also. The animated feature film inherits a group of talking race cars that overcome a variety of difficult scenarios determining friendship and family. The main character, Lightning McQueen, voiced by Own Wilson, is on his way to compete at the Piston Cup in California. Along the way, he damages the road of a small town known as Radiator Springs and is sentenced to repair it.

The Italian Job

A very reputable cast headlines The Italian Job. Set in Venice, Italy, this film’s story line is based on a team that is assembled to heist $35 million worth of gold from a safeguarded facility. With corruption and betrayal, The Italian Job features 32 Minis used in production, with high speed chases, including boats, explosions and shooting scenes. This is one where you want to see the good guys win!

Herbie – Fully Loaded

Based on the original Herbie from the 1960’s, Herbie Fully Loaded incorporates the favourite Volkswagen bug that has a mind of its own. Still featuring the famous #53, Herbie takes off to compete in the highly anticipated NASCAR competition. This version from 2005, didn’t have the same fan impact as the original, however still embraced the original concept of the story.

There you have it, 5 of the top car related movies from the modern ear. There have been so many, but we tried to stick with movies that feature cars throughout the majority of the film.

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