Life’s uncertainties are, by all means, a stressor. Mundane and tedious chores only add up the difficulties. However, for the smooth running of your household, the daily chores are a must. For instance, preparing meals, mopping, etc. What if you could lay hands on innovative domestic gadgets to make the chores fun? These gadgets are practical, space-saving, and trendy. So, they’re bound to simplify your life. 

Here are five household gadgets to make your life simple:

1. Cords 

This everyday household gadget is undeniably useful. An extension cord not only connects several of your electric and electronic appliances at the same time but also safeguards them from voltage spikes. So, you can easily use your TV set, computer, and vacuum cleaner simultaneously. Just make sure to use a cord with the correct power rating. Instead of unplugging all the appliances after use, simply switch off the power button. Or disconnect the extension to cut off the power source.

Indeed, an extension cord is a handy alternative to a 2-hole socket outlet, which can’t plug-in more than two devices. Moreover, the cord is a real blessing if, in the first place, there aren’t many socket outlets in your house. This Christmas season, use this wonder gadget to plug-in your festive decors – your decorated Christmas tree, electric wreaths, fairy lights, etc. You’ll also need the cord to plug-in a few extra appliances as this is the time for parties and merrymaking.

Today you also get extension cords having a USB connector. So, if you love photography and tend to upload the pictures immediately, this type of extension cord will genuinely help. 

2. Remote Control Mop 

What better fun gizmo than this one to clean the house? You’ll soon find the tedious and boring task of floor mopping change into an exciting game. Just sit back on the couch, manage the remote control, and watch the electronic mop clean your floors. 

Enjoy the look of schmutz and garbage-free floors, staying seated all the time. The radio-control mop is available in different sizes and requires AA batteries to power up. Look forward to lazy, couch-bound weekends, enjoying your favorite television series, and simply directing the mop as it sets to work.  

3. A 5-Compartment Pan 

Isn’t kitchen multitasking tough to master? Whether it’s about avoiding burning your food or keeping pots from overflowing, you certainly have plenty of concerns to address before proceeding to the next task. If you’re specifically expecting to prepare a full meal at once, this innovative 5-compartment cooking pan can make a great addition to your kitchen. There is no need to use an entire set of pots and pans just to rustle up a few varied foods.

Having five separate compartments, this unique pan made of non-stick material lets you cook anything practically with ease. Also, the foods don’t touch, thanks to its divots. For instance, this multi-sectional pan can keep meats and veggies from mixing. All the better for picky eaters. The 5-compartment pan requires just one burner and is dishwasher-safe. What’s more, you’ll have only one pan to wash after cooking. Quick-cooking and less cleaning – who doesn’t want that? 

This path-breaking cookware can make life remarkably simpler. Look forward to preparing the ultimate breakfast, a hearty lunch, or a simple, light dinner with this nifty gadget.  

4. A smart motion sensor light

No more worrying about stumbling in the dark as this motion-activated smart light helps light the way in the night. So, keep your nocturnal worry at bay. For instance, if you frequently use the washroom every night, the sensors, after detecting motion, switch on the lights for a fixed duration. This way, you can get rid of the dilemma of choosing between turning on a bright light and finding your way in darkness.

What’s more, if you don’t want an overly bright or blinding light, just set the smart light to a gentle mode. With an intelligent motion sensor light, there aren’t messy wires since the plug is battery-powered.

5. A hook-on balcony table

Do you miss working outdoors during the daytime? After all, the constant exposure to artificial lighting at home does stress you out. With a hook-on balcony table, you can comfortably work in broad daylight, breathing fresh air all the while. Easy to install, you can conveniently shift this trendy space saver to your most preferred spot. For instance, you might want to avoid direct sunlight. Or, you’d like to draw a picture of deer grazing on the western part of your house.

Work outdoors to the fullest with in-between sips of coffee at this iron and steel hanging desk. Not to worry about rusting, as the table has a protective powder coating. This unique, functional gadget can hold a weight in the range of  80-100 kg. When not required, simply fold it down. You can also have a quick breakfast on the hook-on table before rushing to the office. The early morning views of your surroundings will leave you refreshed throughout the day.


Now you know some of the most ingenious and useful household gadgets that can make life easier. No more worrying about insufficient socket outlets and stumbling during your midnight bathroom visit. Also, no more juggling with different cookware, mopping manually, and working or eating in confines.






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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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