Health is a state of physical, mental, behavioral, and social wellness. If you’re all set to transform your lifestyle into a healthy one, then make sure to include the natural remedies. With herbal teas and tinctures, you can achieve wholesome well-being. Also, some healing herbs taste best in the form of tea and related beverages. You can try out the chamomile tea for mental relaxation and better sleep. Along with this, the peppermint tea works best to maintain a calm mind and curbs anxiety. 

Here are the top healing herbs that can be used as teas for the utmost well-being. 

1. Kratom 

5 Healing Herbs Used In Teas And Their Benefits 1

Here’s the herbal remedy that soothes your mental pathways and enhances cognitive abilities. Mitragyna speciosa is a herb that arises from Central Asia and possesses many therapeutic properties. Also, it contains active ingredients like mitragynine that acts on the neural processes. With the kratom strains like green dragon kratom, you experience a surge in energy levels. Along with this, the other strains like red Bali and maeng da promote healthy mental processes. All you need to do is prepare the therapeutic kratom tea in the morning for maximum health aid. 


  • The active constituent, i.e., mitragynine, acts on the opioid receptors of your brain. Further, it leads to mental calmness and relieves anxious thoughts. 
  • Kratom tea acts like an opioid drug without inducing addictive patterns. You get to experience a better mood, cognition, and memory aid using the herbal remedy.

2. Chamomile 

5 Healing Herbs Used In Teas And Their Benefits 2

One of the best herbs used in the preparation of beverages is chamomile. It appears like daisy flowers and possesses many therapeutic abilities. Also, the herb contains active ingredients like chamazulene, apigenin, and bisabolol. Such chemicals aid in mental wellness and prevent sleep-related disturbances. You can utilize the benefits of chamomile for digestion and proper assimilation of food. 

Along with this, it contains antioxidant apigenin that controls the inflammatory reactions. Further, the herbal tea might keep the cancerous growths at bay. Get your hands on the chamomile tea extracts to prepare a calming tea in the morning.


  • Chamomile tea prevents pancreatic damage due to raised blood sugar levels. It incorporates anti-inflammatory effects and controls the hormonal pathways of the pancreas.

Another set of antioxidants, namely flavone, can accelerate cardiac function. It reduces the chances of oxidative damage and incorporates holistic wellness.

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5 Healing Herbs Used In Teas And Their Benefits 3
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3. Peppermint 

Another herb used as a therapeutic tea is the peppermint or Mentha Piperita. It grows in the European or Middle East regions of the world. The chemical constituents like Menthol, menthone, and cineol incorporate an attractive aroma to the herb. You can use the herb as a source of aromatherapy or start your mornings with a fragrant tea option. Moreover, it helps in maintaining the digestive pathways. With the high levels of antioxidants, the herbal tea might help you keep the microbial infections at bay. Research suggests that peppermint extracts can be quite beneficial in gastric ailments like nausea, spasms, and disturbed motility. 


  • If you’re suffering from mild to moderate stomach ache, then try out the peppermint tea. It relieves the nauseating sensations and might slow down the raised gastric motility.
  • You can use the tea to alleviate cramps and muscular spasms that arise from gastric mucosa.

4. Lavender

Lavender or Lavandula angustifolia is yet another herbal tea option that calms your nerves. For all the people who wish to practice holistic well-being, lavender tea can be quite beneficial. Also, it possesses an attractive aroma that relaxes your olfactory nerves and promotes calmness. You can use herbal extracts like dried flowers to prepare the tea. It may improve your skin and keep the acne-related issues at bay. Not to forget, the abundance of antioxidants prevents inflammatory reactions. All these factors tend to induce a sense of well-being and keep the anxiety issues at bay. 


  • The herb enhances your mood and interferes with nerve transmission. It regulates the nerves firing and reduces anxiety attacks. 
  • With the calming fragrance of the tea, you are likely to sleep better. It soothes your mind and reduces the troublesome thoughts that make you stay up all night.

5. Hibiscus

5 Healing Herbs Used In Teas And Their Benefits 5

Hibiscus plant contains colorful flowers and is the source of a therapeutic herbal tea option. It provides a refreshing tart-like flavor to your morning tea and incorporates holistic wellness. The active constituents like alkaloids, L-ascorbic acid, and anthocyanin might interfere with your mental pathways. 


  • It reduces the raised blood pressure and may relieve mild hypertensive conditions. For such reasons, the hibiscus extracts find use in lifestyle disorders and common ailments. 
  • The herb is rich in alkaloids that reduce oxidative stress and incorporate antioxidant action. Such properties help in controlling inflammation, acne, and free radical levels in your body. 

Final Verdict

Herbal therapy is quite beneficial in enhancing physiological pathways. It promotes holistic salubrity and prevents common ailments like inflammation and chronic pain. When it comes to herbal treatment, therapeutic tea options can be quite beneficial. All you need to do is replace your morning drinks with herbal tea to achieve the much-needed stamina. Along with this, it uplifts your mood and calms the nervous processes. Some herbal tea options like lavender, hibiscus, and peppermint relax your mind and body. 

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