Whatever your motivation for guest blogging one thing is for sure, the practice is a fantastic method to accomplish a variety of web-based business milestones. Perhaps you wish to recruit more leads for a new product or service, or maybe you seek to garner more links for a new web property or site page. Guest blogging can help with both of these and more.

But perhaps you're knee deep in other tasks associated with your blog and simply don't have the time to begin a guest blogging campaign. This is when contract guest blogging comes into play and can make the difference between a successful outreach and a waste of your time.

Below we highlight five good ways to find a guest blogger for your site.

  1. Google – when you seek something online your first stop should always be the almighty Google. Why? Because they have the bigger and better web results. We realize this is a highly debatable statement but in our humble opinion we feel they just do. In this case you would type in any of the following to find a guest blogger – guest blogging service, guest blogger for hire, freelance guest blogger, guest post service, guest article writer, etc. When you find a few that you fancy, check out their testimonials and or feedback page and give them a ring. Well send them an email since most likely they deal with clients strictly via the web. Try him or her out via an order for one guest article, then when they deliver gauge the quality of the writing, site the article was placed on, their communication, base rate and proceed accordingly.
  2. eLance.com (Or Other Freelance Site) – this is the grand daddy of freelance work sites and as such is a huge source of good talent. Sign up and place a request for a guest blogger and be quite specific in what you need and seek so as to garner good quality (and relevant) responses. The site does take a commission for connecting you to talent, so factor this into your budget for a guest blogging campaign.

  3. Your Social Network – this is when you tap into your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus networks and put out an ABP on a contract guest writer. You might be pleasantly surprised as to who knows who and can refer you to a great freelance guest blogger. You can take it a step further and include a small (but fair) bounty for a good referral.

  4. My Blog Guest – if you have yet to visit this site, it's a must. My Blog Guest is a community built for the sole purpose of finding and or offering guest blogging opportunities and it's run by the wonderful Ann Smarty of Search Engine Journal. Through this site you can place a free listing for a guest blogger via their “Guest Blogging For Hire” job board. This active community is highly regarded as a great place for guest posting – whether to give or to receive.

  5. Other Bloggers – one of the best resources for a guest blogger is another blogger. Are there any blogs that you follow and or subscribe to and read on a regular basis? Chances are the bloggers on these sites are available for hire. What better way to score a good blogger than to pick one you already know and read. Contact him (or her) via the contact page or form on the site and ask if they are available for guest blogging for a fee.

To begin a guest blogging campaign today try any of the following methods to score a good guest blogger. We would love to hear your personal stories on what think of our ideas and our tips. Weigh in below in the comment area.

This article brought to you by Missy Diaz an established blogger who works for a high speed internet provider on the web.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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