Nonprofits often try to reach fundraising goals. Many of them develop plans to try and hit specific dollar amounts by particular dates since this works as a motivational tactic. Setting up a fundraising goal motivates their workers, and they like to hope that it will encourage people to contribute to them as well.

If you’re heading a nonprofit and you’re trying to reach a fundraising goal by a certain date, there are different tactics you can use to make your success more likely. Let’s talk about some of the most effective ones now.

Create Compelling Call-to-Action Videos

Creating videos that showcase the reason you’re fundraising can be a smart move. For-profit companies often figure out how to tell a brand story through video, and then they send that video to individuals or families they know have bought products from them before.

Nonprofits can use that same tactic. Once you come up with a video idea and produce that video, you can send it via a fundraising or promotional email to those who have given you money before. You know they like your cause and care about it, or else they would not have given anything to you in the past.

Your video should feature excellent production values if you want people to contribute. It should showcase what makes your nonprofit worthwhile. If you can tug on the potential donor’s heartstrings, they’re more likely to give.

Call Them or Reach Out Via Email

If you want to take a direct approach, you might reach out to a potential donor by phone, provided that you have their number. You might have that number as part of information the donor gave you if they contributed in the past.

If you don’t have their phone number, or they have expressed to you before that they do not want you to contact them that way, you can reach out by email instead. Some people might want to give to your cause, but they feel like you calling them and speaking to them steps over the line and becomes inappropriate.

If you do reach out by email instead of by calling them on a landline or on their smartphone, make sure you personalize the email as much as possible. If you need this individual to contribute, you don’t want them to feel like the email is generic. It should target them in such a way that they feel you won’t succeed in your fundraising mission without their help.

Only Try to Solicit from Those Who You Feel Are Likely to Give

If you have a nonprofit and a fundraising goal, you might be trying to raise money for at-risk animals, for kids with cancer, for wounded veterans, or something else. You might feel like your cause is worthy, but it does not follow that everyone will feel the same.

If you run a targeted campaign aimed at those who have contributed before, you have a better chance of getting money from them and hitting your goal. That means you need to start by targeting those who have given in the past.

Like political donations, someone who gives to one particular charity or nonprofit is more inclined to give to that same one again. If you elect to cast too wide of a net with your calls and emails, that serves no purpose. A carefully targeted approach is more likely to yield the results you want.

Try to Come Up with a Particular Reason Why They Need to Give Right Now

If you’re running a nonprofit, you probably feel like you urgently need money at all times. However, you can’t try to contact the same individuals and solicit money from them every single day. Even if they are fabulously wealthy and very generous, there has to be a limit.

Because of this, if you’re trying to get someone to give, you need to come up with a more particular reason why you’re asking them for money right now. There’s always a need for the cause you represent, but you need a definitive call to action to motivate people.

You can use political campaigns as a reference point. Some political fundraisers will call donors and try to get them to give because of an election coming up or because they’re trying to fight legislation’s passage.

You can come up with similar notions and present them to your potential donor. That way, you can install urgency, and they’re more likely to contribute.

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