After the last year or so, everyone seems to be a little more cash-strapped than before. Whether it’s due to job loss or financial instability when it comes to your work, or just that the price of things has gone up significantly, there are a lot of people now hoping to make the pennies go a little further.

If you’re looking to save a few pennies here and there, you need to put a proper financial plan in place. A plan of when and how you’re going to spend your money, how much things cost, and how you’re going to afford them.

It's easy to say that you should spend less than what you have coming in, but you can only do that if you know exactly how much is coming in and how much is a necessity before going out again.

Here are four ways you might not have thought of to save a few extra pennies from now until Christmas:

Shop Online for Glasses

Buying glasses online from a company like Just-glasses.co.uk is a great idea because it means sidestepping away from the high-street markups of opticians and moving towards cheaper glasses for all of the family.

Even getting kids’ glasses online is a good financial investment, especially given the number of times kids drop or lose their glasses or come home from school with half an arm hanging off and a lost lens!

DIY Your Air Freshener

Air fresheners aren’t really a necessity anyway, but they do smell nice, and it’s always nice to have your home smelling nice rather than smelling a bit musty!

Air fresheners are, however, expensive, and most aren’t that planet-friendly either. 

This is why you should make your own! 

Fill up a spray bottle with water and add a few drops of vegetable glycerine, then a few more drops of whatever fragrance you like. Essential oils work because they smell nice, but you can also get lots of fragrance oil blends (like fresh linen) from online stores and even eBay. 

Once you have your ingredients together, give it a shake and start spraying!

Buy Only One Multiple Purpose Cleaner

How many cleaning products are under your sink? Be honest.

Most households have specific cleaning products for the surfaces, floors, windows, mirrors, woodwork… far too many!

Invest in a good multi-surface cleaner and buy in bulk to ensure you don’t have to keep buying more expensive smaller bottles. While you’re at it, go for an eco-friendly cleaner that you can dilute down with water depending on the surface you need to clean.

Good for your wallet and better for the planet!

Always Check for Coupons Online

It’s not a secret that you can find coupons to most stores online, but do you ever check? A quick Google could throw up some fab deals you didn’t know existed from your favorite online stores, but installing a browser plugin like Pocket or Honey means you’ll be notified every time a deal for the website you’re browsing is found.

Useful, and they could save you a fortune on your favorite products!

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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