If there is one thing that still holds true today, it’s that property is a sound long-term investment. Despite the ups and downs of the economy, and the changes in various financial systems, if you own property and keep it long enough, then the majority of the time when you come to sell it you will make a profit. 

This is even more true if you can work on adding value to the property. Of course, even if you do nothing, the likelihood is that the house or apartment is going to gain value over time. But to make sure this happens and to maximize the money you might make you can certainly do a number of different things that will help. 

Read on to find out what some of the top tips are and how to go about adding value to your home. 

Convert Unused Space 

Many properties will have either a basement or an attic. Some will have both. Most of the time, these useful and (often rather large) spaces are used only for storage, and you may not even go into them from one year to the next. 

If you can convert these unused spaces, you can instantly add value to your property. Turning a basement into a games room or study, and an attic into a master bedroom suite complete with second bathroom, are sure to add plenty to the property’s value. It’s true that this work will take time, be disruptive, and cost money, but if you want to add value to your home over the long term, this is an excellent way to go about it. 

Add Storage 

No matter how much we might try to declutter, the truth is that people do have a lot of ‘stuff’. They have many articles of clothing, children have loads of toys, there are books and antiques and souvenirs and all kinds of other things that go from one property to the next. 

Storage, therefore, is something that a potential buyer is going to be looking for, and the more you have, the more chance there is of getting a good price for your home. If you have storage space already, make sure the buyer is aware of this as they view your home. 

If you don’t, try adding it by installing new closets and cupboards — rearranging the kitchen is a good way to do this, and so is adding carports so that there is outside storage too. Even if the storage doesn’t add much to the value of your home, it might make a sale happen more quickly and that is always a positive thing. 

Make the Most of the Yard 

An area of the house that is often forgotten about is the yard. If you want to increase the value of your home, it’s a good idea to make the most of this space and show it off as best you can. Tidy up the lawn and plant some beautiful but easy to care for plants to begin with. You can also clean up or improve (or even add if you don’t have one) your patio.

Often a conservatory or sunroom will help you add value to your home too, particularly if you are lucky enough to have a garden that really takes in a lot of sun. A conservatory is a great way for people to enjoy the outside space while still being safe indoors. 

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