[dropcap size=small]S[/dropcap]kateboarding looks simple enough right? You watch the other boarders at the park and think that looks so easy! While it may only look as simple as pushing off the ground and balancing on a fancy piece of wood with wheels, there is much more to skateboarding than meets the eye. Staying on the board is one thing, but if you dream of pulling off tricks that make the likes of Tony Hawk envious, you need practice. Before you get disheartened because you can’t do an Ollie right away, remember that every pro skateboarder started out where you are now – as a total newbie. If you’ve just picked yourself up a Penny Skateboard and are ready to hit the pavement, take into consideration these three mistakes commonly made by new boarders and how to avoid them.

Buying a Department Store Skateboard

skateboarderWhen people decide they want to take something up, they usually opt for the cheaper versions just in case they don’t like it that much after-all. Much like a guitar or a boxing bag that you pick up from Kmart, you know in your heart that once you advance to the harder stuff, a cheaper alternative isn’t going to cater to that. The same goes for buying a skateboard. A board found at department stores will be made of cheaper materials creating an unsafe learning environment. It will also make learning how to achieve tricks so much harder. No matter what kind of skater you are, always go to a specialty store to purchase your first board

Expecting To Master Tricks In One Day

Learning a new skill will take time; you’re not going to be able to play Stairway to Heaven in your first guitar lesson or be able to do a headstand in yoga. Teaching yourself small manoeuvres takes time on a skateboard and you can’t be expected to achieve them on the first try. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to master all the moves, but aiming too high when you’ve first started is only setting yourself up for failure. The key is to set yourself small goals that are feasible for your level. You’ll feel better about your abilities when you tackle five mini targets rather than struggling to reach the big one.

Not Wearing Safety Gear

As a beginner, it’s only natural that you will have your fair share of falls, cuts and bruises. Trust me, you’ll still have them as a professional. It’s for this reason that wearing safety gear should be your biggest priority. A helmet is the obvious choice, but what other gear should you invest in? Imagine you are falling on the ground. It’s safe to say that you would use your hands to stop your fall. Considering falling off your board will be a common occurrence, wrist, hand and even knee guards will absorb any bumps and protect your joints.

Learning to skateboard can be frustrating at times, but it’s also a lot of fun. Remember to always maintain a positive attitude and you’ll be doing kick flips in no time.

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