Were you one of the millions of individuals who completed a move during the move-friendly Summer months? If so and it was to a small space, by now you’re probably seeking to organize and get your place in gear for your family.

Now that the dust has settled is a great time to think of the various ways to maximize the space and make it a grand apartment.

3 Smart Ways To Maximize A Small Apartment Space 2

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Managing a small space is all about getting creative and thinking of ways to make it appear larger and or use the available space wisely. This is where your creative bone gets good exercise and your organizational skills get polished. See our tips below.

See our three top tips below which have a

1. De Clutter 101 –

One of my all time favorite tips for managing and maximizing a small space has to do with decluttering. This should be your first step in the overall process. You can begin by taking stock and inventory of your belongings room by room and deciding what is a keeper and what is a sleeper. This is especially key if you’re downsizing apartments or if you’re moving from a large family house to a smaller house built for two. Obviously several multiples of furniture might not make the cut if in your large house you had three sets of living room sofas, but in the new space you have just one living room space. You will need to decide which to keep and which set will go in the “for sale” or “hand me down” pile. Do this and you will have much better organizational progress at your new place.

2. Mirrors Are Your Friend –

Another tried and true method for making a small area appear larger than what it is, is via the use of mirrors. Long mirrors, wall mirrors, floor mirrors (basically various types) will help in casting light appropriately and bouncing art or furniture and accessories into the overall space. Choose mirrors with some aesthetic appeal; such as those having a nice frame or border, maybe some color or bold pattern and don’t neglect to add in odd shaped mirrors as well.

3. Use The Walls For Storage –

When floor space is at a premium your walls become the arbiter of organization and storage. You do so by using shelves, baskets, floating cabinets and so on. The less items that have to be placed on the floor, the more overall room you will have. Also using your walls from floor to ceiling with cabinets or shelving, will keep items away from other areas such as the floor or your furniture area. Tall bookcases are a great example of this as are tall dressers, TV stands and kitchen bakers racks.

There are advantages and disadvantages to living in a small apartment, however keep mind that family and love are what make a house a home. And if you sprinkle in a tad of creativity and organization to go along with it, you’re bound to be quite happy in any space.

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Article contributed by an area rug cleaning company that specializes in interior apartment carpet cleanings.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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