Communication is a key factor in the success of any business. Maintaining good internal and external communication allows you to create an efficient business that connects well with its customers. 

We live in the age of communication so you’d be forgiven for thinking that communication in business shouldn’t be an issue. After all, we have so many great pieces of communication technology that we can take advantage of. The thing is, many businesses still struggle with communication issues and that is often because new technology overcomplicates things. While email, social media, and live chat do have lots of benefits, you should also consider some of the old ways of communicating. These are some of the old school business communication tools that your business should take advantage of.

Suggestion Boxes 

Knowing what your employees are thinking and what hurdles they face is crucial if you want to boost productivity. There are some great pieces of software out there that allow you to create customer engagement surveys and then analyze all of the results to pick out trends etc. and that is a good thing to do every now and again. But sometimes, the simplest option is best, which is why you should bring back the old fashioned suggestion box. You’ll find that a lot of small issues get left in the box, allowing you to be proactive and fix things before they impact the business. This process is a lot quicker than sending out extensive surveys and then collating all of the results. 

Pneumatic Tubing

Back in the day, most businesses used air tubes to send documents flying around the building. You probably assume there’s no use for that anymore now that we have email, but there are actually some benefits to installing SMC pneumatic tubing in your office. Email overload is a very real problem that we’ve all experienced and if you’re sending somebody a very important document that they need to see right away, it’s going to get lost in the noise and slow everything down. But if you can easily send them a physical copy without having to walk halfway across the building, that makes life a lot easier. It’s also ideal if you need people to sign documents in a hurry and you don’t want to mess around with digital signatures. 

Text Messages 

There are plenty of people out there that would consider text messages to be new technology. But let’s be realistic, most people use messenger apps and texting is hardly ever used as a form of business communication anymore, so it is considered outdated by many. The thing is, the fact that people don’t use it as much is exactly the reason why it’s so great. Text notifications to employees are more likely to be picked up straight away because they don’t get lost in the email pile. Customers are more likely to read them for the same reason, so they’re brilliant for marketing too. 

While it’s important to take advantage of new communication tools, don’t forget about these old school ones because they still have their benefits. 

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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