​E-cigarettes, or ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems), are currently becoming a highly sought-after device among adults and teenagers alike. But many don’t know that e-cigs aren’t a safe alternative to regular cigarette smoking.

You might’ve heard about vaping; however, what exactly is it? According to the Centre on Addiction, Vaping is exhaling and inhaling the aerosol (vapour) generated by an e-cig. E-cigs are electronic instruments that heat a liquid and create an aerosol. They’re available in many sizes and shapes. Some electronic cigarettes appear similar to traditional tobacco products, such as pipes, cigars, and cigarettes. Other ones look similar to pens or USB drives. More giant electronic cigarettes feature tanks and do not appear similar to traditional tobacco products. The majority of e-cigs have a reservoir that holds liquid, a heating element, and a battery.

Electronic cigarettes operate by creating vapour or aerosol by heating a liquid. Usually, the liquid has nicotine in conjunction with flavouring and additional chemicals. The liquid is frequently referred to as vape juice, vape liquid, e-liquid, or e-juice. Users of E-cigarettes inhale the aerosol inside their lungs. Bystanders also can inhale the aerosol second hand once a user exhales.

To further your knowledge of the dangers and details related to e-cigarettes, refer to these 3 must-know facts before you begin vaping with a vape cart

1) Is Vaping with a Vape Cart Addictive?

E-Cigs are addictive and may inhibit brain growth, as well as disperse dangerous smoke into developing lungs. Long-term health effects on individuals still aren’t known; the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) encourages taking steps to prevent teens and children from exposure to e-cig vapour in a vape cart and keep them from using e-cigs.

2) Are e-cig devices safe for use?

The answer is no. The substances in e-cigs and their vapour in a vape cart contain harmful chemicals like nitrosamines, diethylene glycol, and antifreeze, which have the possibility of causing cancer. The FDA hasn’t authorized vaping as a way to quit smoking. Since there isn’t any regulation by the Food and Drug Administration, the chemical substances in e-cigs may vary, depending upon the brand.

3) What are the Risks of Vaping to Teens?

  • With almost 1 in 4 high school students reporting e-cig use in 2015, e-cigs are the most commonly used tobacco product among teens.
  • E-cigs have various flavoured liquid substances that are especially appealing to teens and kids. Flavours like peach, piña colada, chocolate, and bubblegum are a big part of the attraction of vaping with a vape cart to children and teens.
  • Children and teenagers using e-cigarettes are at a greater risk of developing traditional smoking habits down the line. Even kids who only vape one time in their lifetime are at a greater risk.
  • Even one time, children who vape with a vape cart are more than likely to attempt other kinds of tobacco. These kids’ developing brains get addicted more easily, according to research.
  • Children and teens are vulnerable to ads for e-cigs on social media channels and TV advertisements, in addition to billboards and publications.

One method of preventing your kids from using traditional tobacco products or E-cigarettes is to arrange a session with their doctor, who can inform them of the health repercussions of using tobacco products.

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