Marketing is vital to the success of any business endeavor and, although there is an enormous number of marketing techniques available to the dedicated marketer, the three techniques detailed below are likely to be relevant to your marketing ventures.

1. Social Network Marketing

Social network marketing is one of the most widely used marketing techniques; in fact, over 80% of B2B marketing uses at least one of the four major social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube). The reasons for this are relatively obvious; social media marketing is a low-cost marketing method that provides consumers with engaging content that they enjoy and will likely share with other users. This sharing results in increased traffic to the business’ website, as well as a noticeable snowball effect as users drawn in by shared content, begin to share content, and so on. On top of all this, the nature of social media means that social media marketing humanizes the businesses that engage in it and provides a free and open place for consumers to communicate with each other and the business itself.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Statistically speaking, less than 1% of people click on the second page of Google’s search results. This means that, effectively, if you aren’t on the first page of Google’s search results for your product, you’re missing out on at least 99% of your business. This is why SEO and the companies like made by factory that offer SEO services are so vital to digital marketing. You have to be making a strong impact online to even be in with a chance of competing. Especially when SEO can literally drive over 1000% more traffic than organic social media can. SEO is often cast as a solitary marketing technique, but in reality, it works best when paired with other techniques. In fact, SEO can be considered an essential core to an effective inbound marketing strategy.

3. Referral Marketing

Finally, referral marketing is an interesting and particularly effective form of marketing. The core of referral marketing lies in the “referral scheme”, a system that actively incentivizes and rewards customers for referring the service to other people. By offering the incentive of a reward for bringing friends and family into the service, the company gains more business as well as solidifying an already happy customer into their customer base. This is doubly beneficial, as not only does the company gain more business, but it is extremely unlikely to lose happy customers, who are being rewarded for what is, to them, a very trivial service to the company. In fact, customers are four times more likely to buy from a company if a friend referred them and overall have a higher lifetime value to the company than non-referred customers. This means that for a relatively low cost, such as a discount on certain products or other similar incentives, a company can consistently gain more dedicated and higher-value customers through referral marketing.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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