When you have a café, you probably believe that if you have great-tasting coffee, you will do well. There is something equally important that will keep customers returning; it’s the experience. When your customers have a pleasant experience and enjoy the food and coffee, they will come back and recommend your café to their friends.

1. Appropriately Staff Your Café

As the owner of a café, you should know when your business gets busy. Hire enough staff so there is always someone you can call to fill in if an employee calls out sick. Waiting in long lines irritates customers. It’s not their fault that your café is short-staffed. Employees facing long lines of customers burn out eventually and may snap at customers who complain.

2. Train Your Staff Well

If your staff understands your business, they will feel more confident serving customers. Through proper training, explain what they should do if an order is wrong, or a customer does not like what they are served. Employees who know what to do without asking someone provide better service. If a customer has an unpleasant experience, most of them will not return and will most likely tell their friends and family about the experience.

3. Use Ordering Kiosks

Install touchscreen kiosks for customers who are in a hurry. People are getting used to using them now and will appreciate anything you do to help them get their coffee faster. Kiosks with a user-friendly interface can take orders and payments as well as an employee can. Not all customers need to interact with an employee, especially if they are in a hurry.

4. Start a Loyalty Program

Reward frequent customers with a free coffee after they buy so many coffees. You can do this with cards you punch or it can be an app on the customer’s smartphone. Apps negate the problem of customers forgetting their cards. This encourages customers to return again and again, as they know they will be rewarded.

5. Create a Pleasant Ambience

Have enough comfortable seating for customers. Have enough outlets so customers can charge their devices. Choose your décor to reflect your target clientele. The furniture, lighting, and artwork all help shape the customer’s first impression of your café. If design isn’t your forte, hire a professional designer to create the perfect look that will encourage people to stay and spend more money. A well-thought-out design also will generate interest if you use the images on social media.

6. Give Free Samples of New Foods

You should frequently introduce new products in your café. Instruct employees to ask if the customer would like a free sample of the new food or drink. The samples introduce the new product if the customer doesn’t see your promotion. Samples also let them try the product risk-free, so they will feel safe ordering it if they like it.

When you provide an amazing customer experience, your customers will come back and hopefully bring friends with them. This will introduce your café to new customers who trust their friend’s recommendation.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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