An outdoor kitchen is a wonderful home investment. Besides the obvious property value it can add to your home, outdoor kitchens make great talking points. They're great for grill and barbecue enthusiasts, and the ornate kitchen countertops can be as beautiful as any lawn decoration. Here are three reasons to consider adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard.

1. An Outdoor Kitchen is Perfect for Inviting Guests Over

As mentioned previously, they make excellent talking points. While food is being cooked, guests can gather around a cozy open fire, a grill, or a stone oven and talk. Indoor kitchens fill up quickly with people, noise, and smells. The spacious outdoors, however, sets up a much more ambient atmosphere.

Imagine a scenic hangout with friends and family, and the music of your choice playing in the background. Whether you live in the countryside, with a luscious forest backdrop, or in the bustling suburbs, you can create a beautiful and welcoming scene in your backyard with the right pavers and outdoor furnishings.

2. Outdoor Kitchens Yield a High Return on Investment

Earlier, we also mentioned the property value that an outdoor kitchen can add to your home. These backyard improvements typically have a higher projected return on investment than other outdoor projects. If you are looking to sell your house in the coming years, be sure to look at homes in your local area with outdoor kitchens so you can get a rough estimate of what the added value.

Part of the reason is due to the wider appeal and ease of use of an outdoor fire pit or stove compared to, for example, a pond or a sandbox. Other outdoor improvements require more effort to maintain or lack a widespread appeal to multiple demographics. Still, most people enjoy a good barbecue or hot dogs and marshmallows roasted on sticks at the fireside.

The potential profitability of an outdoor kitchen is especially true if the furnishings are professionally constructed with high-quality materials. Most outdoor appliances are also made to withstand inclement weather, so it may not be as costly to build a “high-quality” kitchen as you're imagining.

3. An Outdoor Kitchen Keeps the Mess Outdoors

You don't have to worry about strong smells or smoke when you're outside. Spilling sauce on the ground doesn't require scrubbing the same way sauce spilled on a regular kitchen floor does. Furthermore, a grill or fireplace only needs to be deep cleaned about once or twice a year, depending on usage — compared to the numerous pots, pans, utensils, and plates you may be washing for every meal indoors, cooking outside on occasion can be pretty convenient!

Of course, these are only three possible reasons you may want to invest in an outdoor kitchen, with many more that we haven't listed. Food cooked on a grill often tastes better, or you may find making your barbecue ribs at home to be cheaper and more fulfilling than a soupy pre-made grocery store marinade. Special events, such as anniversaries and holidays, can seem more lively when everyone isn't cramped inside a house.

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