Hot yoga is the practice of posing and stretching in a humid and warm room. Certainly, this workout isn't for everyone, but it does offer real benefits. Take a look at the top 7 ways that hot yoga can help tone your entire body.

1. You Won't Feel it the Next Day

Warm temperatures provide more flexibility to your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, hot yoga won't produce sore spots tomorrow. The heat allows everything to move and flex as necessary.

2. The Heat Encourages a Fast Heart Rate

Although yoga is a low-impact exercise, it's possible to raise that heart rate through hot yoga. As you move through the poses, the heart rate rises to combat the heat. Essentially, it's moving blood to the skin's surface to cool the entire body. In the end, a rapid heartbeat leads to more calories burned during hot yoga when compared to regular yoga.

3. Your Stretches are Longer

If you've ever tried a workout before, flexibility may have been an issue. With hot yoga, any poses and stretches can be held for longer than in a cool room. For example, perform a downward dog with your heels pressed against the floor at a workout facility. If you've never had that kind of flexibility before, warm conditions may have been the cause.

4. It Becomes a Healthy Addiction

During hot yoga, your body releases endorphins or feel-good hormones, states Women's Health. Undoubtedly, these great feelings motivate you to finish the workout with flair. If you've ever heard of athletes discussing the runner's high, it's these endorphins they're referencing. As a result, you'll want to exercise more often, which leads to a toned body.

5. Bones Increase in Density

Posing for long periods puts strain on muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones. In particular, women have seen bone density increase as a result of their hot yoga workouts. Not only do strong bones support your future workouts, but they can also fight off deterioration as older age sets in.

6. The Sweat Removes Toxins and Moisturizes the Skin

Hot yoga is known for its sweaty workouts. Carried within sweat are toxins and oils, for instance. As you rid yourself of harmful toxins, the oils moisturize the skin. Combine the sweat with the toning activities, and you have a sculpting session for your entire body.

7. It's a Cardiovascular Workout

Because of the increased heart rate, hot yoga also forces more air into the lungs, suggests Healthline. This cardiovascular workout improves your lung capacity. Truthfully, it sculpts your body by giving you the air needed to try advanced moves or other activities. When you can take in the necessary oxygen, any workout is possible.

Initially, verify with your doctor that hot yoga is safe for you. Extreme heat can be dangerous, such as for people with cardiovascular issues. With a clean bill of health, taking a hot yoga class can be the start of a new workout regimen for you.

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