If it ain't broke, don't fix it, the old saying goes, and while this is true for something when it comes to equipment and facilities maintenance, this isn't a motto you want to live by. Preventative maintenance is when you are proactive about inspecting and servicing your equipment and machinery to ensure it is working as it should be at all times and repeating breakdowns by identifying potential repairs before they happen.

While it might seem like you are throwing money away by paying for something that doesn't initially appear to need the work, there are many benefits to investing in these, primarily if your business relies on the use of any type of machinery, stationary or moving; equipment or vehicles to get the job done.

Increased Lifespan & Fewer Breakdowns

Did you know that 78% of companies who invest in facilities maintenance and have preventative measures in place see an increase in how long their equipment lasts? This is because they are able to identify possible failures or work parts and get them repaired before any damage is caused. Whether they need to replace damaged casing from an accident, get new spindle drives, or replace moving parts showing signs of wear, doing this before the machinery breaks down entirely and is at risk of needing more costly repairs can help you to minimize downtime and stay up and running easier.

Increased Efficiency

Equipment with fewer breakdowns results in less downtime and more time operating. When it is in good working order, and nothing is damaged, it will be able to work at total capacity, meaning you get improved efficiency. Whether this is by maintaining proper servicing and cleaning schedules to improve HVAC performance or you are maintaining factory floor equipment to avoid breakdowns in the process and backlogs due to sections going out of order, ensuring you have scheduled in place for maintenance and repairs before they fully breakdown can give you peace of mind everything is running on schedule.

Increased Safety

It should go without saying that the better condition all of your equipment and machinery is in, the safer it will be to use. There will be fewer incidences of employees having to take matters into their own hands to reboot systems, fix problems with moving parts, or manually interfere to get things working again. There are millions of workplace accidents each year, and in 2022/2023, there were 135 fatal workplace accidents, with the majority of all accidents occurring in warehouses, retail, and motor repair. To ensure all employees are safe, you need to ensure everything is in good working order for them to use, and you can reduce the risk of damage to persons or equipment going forward.

Preventive maintenance is vital to help you perform as you need to get the job done. Not only is it safer for employees to use, but it is also a more efficient way of working. This type of scheduled action can help you to minimize the cost and damage associated with full system failures or stop minor issues from turning into more significant problems. So don't neglect repairs and ensure you have preventative maintenance repair plans in place in your company.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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