The process of choosing the right optical displays for patients to see glasses can be a daunting task. You want to ensure your patients have the best possible experience while browsing for the perfect pair of frames. Here are three tips to help you choose optical displays that will make the selection process easier for everyone involved:

1- Choose a Display That Is Easy on the Eyes

You want to ensure that your optical displays are easy to view and not overly bright or have glaring white light. Choose an anti-glare display with adjustable brightness settings so your patients can adjust it to their liking. It should also have an adequate resolution so your patients can see everything clearly without straining their eyes.

Additionally, look for displays with anti-reflective technology so your patients don’t have to worry about reflections from the sun or other light sources. This will help reduce eye fatigue and ensure they can see the displays as clearly as possible.

Finally, make sure to look for displays that are designed specifically for eyeglasses. This will help ensure the displays are comfortable and safe for your patients. They will also be able to adjust the display so it fits their lenses perfectly.

2- Consider the Size of the Display

When it comes to selecting optical displays for your patients, size matters. You want to make sure that you select a display that is large enough so your patients can see the frames clearly, but not too big that it takes up the entire counter. Choose a display that fits your needs and allows for easy navigation.

If your patients are looking for something more modern, you may want to consider digital displays. These can give off an air of luxury and sophistication while providing a more detailed view of the frames. Plus, they can be easily adjusted and configured to show off different frames.

Finally, don't forget about the smaller details. For those who just need a quick glance to find their ideal frame, consider a tabletop display. This allows your patients to get a good look at the frame without moving around the store, saving them time and frustration.

3- Consider the Frame Racks

In addition to the display size, frame racks are an important part of a successful optical shop. Not only do they provide a place for customers to browse frames conveniently, but they can also help create an organized and cohesive look in the shop. When choosing frame racks for your optical displays, choose ones that are easy to move around and offer enough space for your frames.

You can also find frame racks with built-in lights, which can help make the frames stand out and look more attractive. This is a great option for those stores that don't have a lot of natural light. If you're looking to create a modern look, consider investing in a wireless charging station that doubles as a frame rack – it's both functional and stylish.

Choosing the right optical displays for your store doesn't have to be hard. With these three tips, you can easily find the perfect displays that will make selecting glasses a breeze for your patients.

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