You and your family depend on your income, but what happens if you are hurt and unable to return to work? You might have a long-term disability that you have suffered in an accident, and there could be opportunities for you to collect benefits. At the same time, this is not something you should try to tackle on your own, as there are a lot of complicated rules and regulations you need to navigate. A long-term disability lawyer can help you, but what are a few accidents that could lead to a long-term disability?

1. A Workplace Accident

When you leave your house in the morning, you probably do not expect to get hurt at work; however, this can happen occasionally. For example, you may suffer an amputation injury at work, making it difficult to find future employment. A workplace accident can result in a long-term disability, but if you can no longer do your job, your employer might not see any reason to keep you around. You must ensure you get your imagery evaluated as quickly as possible to determine if you will be able to return to work in the future. Then, if you are not able to do so, consider reaching out to a legal professional who can help you file a long-term disability claim.

2. A Motor Vehicle Accident

You put safety at the top of your priority list every time you get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle but not everyone does the same. As a result, you might be involved in a motor vehicle accident, and if you strike your head on the steering wheel or dashboard, you could be diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. Some traumatic brain injuries can result in permanent complications that may make it difficult for you to return to work, so consider contacting an attorney who can help you file a long-term disability claim and collect benefits.

3. A Slip and Fall Accident

There are a lot of people who believe that a slip-and-fall accident could be relatively innocuous. Sure, there are plenty of situations where someone could slip, fall, and get right back up; however, plenty of other slip-and-fall accidents could result in serious injuries. Sometimes, these injuries could lead to significant complications, such as a torn rotator cuff. While some people may be able to recover following a torn rotator cuff fully, you may be out of action for a while, particularly if you require surgery. If you exhaust all of your vacation and sick days, you may need to consider filing a long-term disability claim with the help of an expert. 

Consider Reaching Out To an Attorney Who Can Help You

Ultimately, plenty of accidents could result in a long-term disability, and you need to know what to do next. You should always start by going to the doctor to make sure that all of your injuries are properly addressed, but you also need to reach out to an attorney who can review your case and make sure that you collect all compensation to which you are entitled. The sooner you reach out to an attorney, the faster you can get your case reviewed, so consider contacting someone in the local area who has experience with this part of the law. 

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