There are many misconceptions surrounding local banks and the way they operate. Because of these misconceptions, customers may believe many of them. However, when you know about them, you will be able to make more knowledgeable banking decisions. So let’s take a look at 3 of the common misconceptions that people have about local banks.

1. Fees are Fixed at All Banks

The fees that a bank charges may feel unbearable at times. Regardless of the bank, the fees can be unavoidable. However, the type of fees will not be the same. If you see yourself paying more fees than anything else, then switching to another bank should be considered.

When you do make a switch, you may be lucky enough to experience no fees or even no minimum account balance. Having these perks allows you to enjoy your money even more.

2. Mobile Banking Can Be Complicated to Use

Using mobile banking can be advantageous for many and through the use of an app it can even be a lot easier. When you have an easier use for banking, finances can be manageable.

When you use mobile banking, your finances are trackable and your transactions are viewable in the same manner as normal banking. You can also manage every type of account whether it is savings/checking, credit cards, or loans.

No matter what type of transaction you make via mobile banking, you will always need to confirm the transaction prior to them being finalized. With a mobile banking app, you are able to have financial control so that you will always know where your money is going no matter where you are and at any time.

3. It is Difficult to Switch Banks

While fees and mobile banking may be a concern, it does not mean switching banks needs to be. With switching banks, there may be numerous reasons for it and they may involve your desire to avoid high interest, annual/monthly fees, loan opportunities, or to take advantage of new services that your current bank does not offer. Regardless of what the reasons are, it should not be a hassle to switch banks. In fact, switching banks is a very easy process once you decide on it.

Once you have decided to switch banks, you can do so online and through the bank’s website. By opening an account online, you save yourself time from having to spend at the bank itself. You will need to have all of your identifying credentials beforehand and if your account requires a minimum opening deposit, you can have a funds transfer conducted to fund the new account. With your new account opened and its funds on the way, you can have your debit card ordered. Your debit card will be sent to your address and a temporary pin mailed separately.

Knowing these misconceptions will help you to keep better control of your finances. However, if you ever hear that things are changing and they may involve you and your financial situation, it is good to get a hold of your local bank for clarification.

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