Have you ever stopped to wonder how things around you came to be? With the majority of products we use having some kind of quantifiable metric to them, it’s no surprise that someone was responsible for measuring those metrics. Enter coordinate measurement machines (CMM).

CMMs have become a mainstay in the industrial manufacturing world and their applications are far-reaching. By dint of their versatility and precision, CMMs can bring us exacting accuracy when put to work in the industries they inhabit. But CMMs don’t just serve industry – they also benefit society in a few unique ways. In this article, we take a look at 3 ways CMMs are making our lives better.

What Is a Coordinate Measurement Machine?

Have you ever wondered how the intricate parts of a product are designed and crafted? Chances are, it involves the use of coordinate measurement machines (CMMs). These industrial tools are essential to numerous manufacturing operations, as they accurately measure and analyze features in physical objects.

CMMs come in various shapes, sizes, and models—all with different roles. The most common type is a 3D measuring arm, which resembles a robotic arm but with a measuring probe or touch trigger at its end. This touch trigger is used to measure distances, angles, and shapes for an item’s geometrical features. It also provides physical objects with their exact coordinates in a given space.

Another type of CMM is the optical CMM. Instead of using a probe or touch-trigger, this type uses a high-resolution camera to capture images of an object, then processes those images into 3D point clouds that represent the object's surface measurements. If you are interested in knowing more about the 3D measuring arm and optical CMM, do not fail to click on metrologyparts.com.

1. Provides Standards to the Manufacturing Industry

You've likely heard of coordinate measurement machines (CMMs). In short, they're used in the manufacturing industry to measure the physical geometrical characteristics of objects. But how exactly does this benefit society?

Well, for one, CMMs ensure that products materialize as intended, without defects. The machines' high-precision measuring capabilities provide valuable insights into product shapes and sizes—right down to the tiniest details—which then helps manufacturers produce more consistent and accurate products.

For example, aircraft parts must fit precisely to function properly. CMMs help manufacturers make sure each part is exactly as specified and free from defects, thus reducing the risk of faulty planes and ensuring a safe journey for passengers.

Additionally, with CMMs, it's easier for manufacturing companies to increase their production efficiency and reduce wastage. By leveraging CMM data during production planning and process optimization, companies can quickly spot unexpected issues on the shop floor that would otherwise delay production or cause rework.

2. Assists the Medical Industry

The medical industry has also seen an immense benefit from coordinate measurement machines. These machines allow for highly accurate measurements to be taken with extreme precision, resulting in higher-quality finished products. This means that medical professionals can create prosthetics and implants that fit more precisely and comfortably, ensuring the best possible outcomes for those who need them. Additionally, CMMs have improved production time in the medical industry and permitted a higher level of accuracy in the design of medical products and devices.

What’s more, CMMs can also be used to help improve things like hearing aids and dental implants. With their ultra-accurate measurements and tooling capabilities, CMMs allow for more precise fitments with less wastage of materials. Furthermore, CMMs can be used to inspect these products to ensure they are made accurately according to spec — resulting in a better product all around!

3. Saves Time and Money

CMM is considered because of its accuracy and speed. In reality, the production of more complex tools and equipment is becoming rampant. And for this reason, CMM is ideal for accurately measuring their dimensions. This has the effect of reducing costs and thereby saving time.

Other benefits of CMM to society include reduced inspection time, improved quality control, increased productivity, and increased accuracy.

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