Many of us dream of flawless and glowing skin but it's hard to tell which products you should be using to achieve that look. The skincare routine that you have right now should include a mix of things like cleanses, toners, moisturizers and exfoliation tools. Whether you are using exfoliating mitts or choosing an exfoliation product, you need to make sure that you are using these things in the right order and regularly so that your skin reflects it.
You're going to hear constant hints and tips on how to look after your skin, from eating foods rich in vitamins and drinking plenty of water – and these things all work. But one of the best things that you can do for yourself and your skin is to make sure that you are following the right routine. Below, we have some tips that are going to help you to keep your skin glowing as soon as possible.

  • Look at your current products. Are you using the correct cleansers, toners and moisturizers for your skin type? A dermatologist can collaborate with you to help you to learn what your skin type is, and if your skin is oily or prone to acne then you need something like a salicylic gel or a benzoyl peroxide wash. The reason for this is that your skin needs to be balanced and when it is producing too much oil then there is a severe imbalance in your hormones here. If your skin is drier, then you need to look at glycolic or Milky cleansers, as these will help to soften your skin and keep it looking moisturized and youthful.
  • Cut down on how many products you're using. We've talked about looking at the products that you've got, but there is a good chance that you are also using too many! Too many products can be one of many eczema flare-up causes, so you need to slow down on how many things you are putting on your face every single day. Layering on too many skin care products can help your skin to suffocate rather than breathe. This will only lead to clogged pores, more breakouts and soreness across your cheeks
  • Invest in a good moisturizer. You should be moisturizing at least twice a day and the best times to do it are in the morning and the evening. Once you get out of the shower you should always moisturize your skin and you should do it when your skin is damp. You may hear people say that you should dry your skin thoroughly before you rub in the moisturizer but doing this is only going to keep your skin dry. When your skin is wet from the shower, it's better able to absorb the moisturizer that you put on it. Avoid any lotions that have heavy fragrances, however, and check to see if the moisturizer that you choose is gentle for your skin and offers a good sun protection factor.
  • Stop touching your face. It's hard to do, but you need to stop rubbing your hands all over your face. Not only does it spread bacteria and can cause breakouts, but you will also end up with an increase in wrinkles, scarring or even the flu. The pandemic advice was to stop touching your face and to start washing your hands, but this advice is not limited just to a pandemic!
  • Stay hydrated. Earlier on we mentioned eating foods that were rich in vitamins, but most of these foods are fruits and vegetables and they're also hydrating. This should be on top of things like drinking enough water throughout the day and ensuring that your products are hydrating products. Remember, if you look to hydrate inside and out and you'll be able to see the results on your skin.
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  • Stay out of the sun. It's nice to go and sunbake on the beach, but if you are not protecting your skin, you are opening yourself up to the possibility of skin cancers, sunburn and other problems that will only be complicated later in life. It's not just the sun, but you need to make sure that you are keeping your skin protected when you're outside. Even on a cloudy day, the UV levels can be high, so you need to make sure that you are avoiding direct exposure and keeping your skin protected with SPF. Sunscreen is going to help you to maintain the moisture within your skin while keeping it protected and stopping it from being burnt.
  • invest in a good exfoliator. Brightening exfoliators that are on the market right now will help you to brighten your skin while clearing it of bacteria, dirt, and oil. We lose up to 50 million skin cells every single day, but they can hang around on the skin and leave your skin looking dry and sullen. Choosing a product that is pH neutral will exfoliate your skin without drying it out at the same time. It's also not just about your face- make sure that you exfoliate your body, too.
  • Feed your skin vitamins. From topical antioxidants to the food that you eat, your skin will benefit from an onslaught of vitamins. A balanced diet is important, but the vitamin C serum you have seen on the shelves is also going to help. Vitamin-packed products are going to repair your skin from sun damage, and the best time to use them is right after you cleanse so that your skin can soak them in. You can even layer these under sunscreen for added protection.
  • Eat your greens. There is a reason your parents told you to eat your vegetables as a child, although it wasn’t doing much with your skin. It may be tempting to grab a coffee the first thing when you wake up but making sure that you're drinking green smoothies can also help your skin to load up with the best vitamins, and green juices will transform your skin within a matter of days because they can help to oxygenate the skin. It also stimulates lymphatic drainage, so no more puffiness or pillow marks.
  • Stick to the routine. While we are talking about all these hints and tips that can help you to improve the look of your skin, you need to stick to them. If you want it to work, it will, so set an alarm and set reminders. It's very easy to forget to manage your skin care especially when you're tired or stressed out. You shouldn't ignore your skin, though, because you will see and feel the effects when you do.
  • Clean house. Changing your pillowcases every couple of days and cleaning your makeup brushes will help you to keep your skin looking wonderful. We are looking to fight infection and get rid of clogged pores, so there's no point in cleansing your face and then laying back down on a dirty pillowcase. When you are washing your makeup brushes, make sure that you are washing them properly. Makeup brush cleaners like these can help, but there are also old-school methods that you can find on YouTube.

Your skin isn't something that you should be ignoring. If you know that you could be doing better, seek the help of a dermatologist and get a rundown on a skin routine with them. You can learn your skin type on which products are best for you and from there you can craft a skincare routine that will help you to glow.

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