Even those who have attended escape rooms may not know that there are several types of games and, accordingly, tasks. However, if you were lucky enough to experience several different quest games in Escape Hour, it becomes clear that they are different.

Not All Escape Rooms Are of the Same Type

There are five main genres of escape rooms:

  1. Escape room. The main task is to get out of the closed room. To do this, the team will have to solve various puzzles and find solutions to even the most unusual situations. Each participant needs to use their skills, imagination, and ingenuity. The team must find a way out of the room in a limited time.
  2. Performance. The difference from the classic escape room in Edmonton is that each participant is given certain roles (main), and secondary roles are played by actors specially trained for this. Some people compare it to a theatrical production.
  3. The quest in reality. Not every game within this genre aims to get out of the room. A certain scenario needs to be played through a staged quest. The most important thing is to try to repeat the necessary scenario.
  4. Unreality. Such escape rooms in Edmonton imply that you should use your imagination. Participants are blindfolded, which makes them maximally connect other senses: touch, hearing, and smell. It is a real test of strength and readiness to act outside the box.
  5. Sports quest. Depending on the storyline, you will need to perform several tasks that will make you use your muscles. You may have to climb through a narrow tunnel, run away from guards, or climb a rope. You can feel like a Hollywood hero and live the role.

Fans of escape games should try each of the types of games. You definitely won't get bored.

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