Although remote work has become popular recently, it’s not without difficulties. It’s not unusual for employees to feel overwhelmed by the sudden environment shift, affecting their task tracking and time management skills. Moreover, home-related distractions can reduce their productivity. Fortunately, you can enhance your workers’ productivity as they work from home. Here are some helpful tips worth considering. 

  1. Avoid micromanaging your employees 

It may be tempting to control everything your workers do, especially if they aren’t working from the office. However, micromanaging can harm their productivity, as they may feel pressured and distracted. Also, losing trust in their skills and abilities can lead to low motivation, burnout, resentment, rebellion, and ultimately, high turnover rates. To avoid this, you’ll want to foster a work culture that thrives on ownership and trust to encourage them to do their best. One way to achieve this is to effectively communicate what you expect from them and assign team leaders to develop the best strategies to achieve their goals. Likewise, avoid blaming your employees for mistakes; instead, help them to pick the needed lessons to improve their work going forward. It’s also prudent to focus on the outcomes instead of processes, so keep this in mind. 

  1. Invest in the right document management solution

Every office needs the right document management solution, and remote working isn’t excluded. This is because it helps your workers access any document at any time or place with their smart devices. Additionally, a document management solution acts like a virtual filing cabinet, where your workers can store all business files in a single location. Likewise, it promotes effective teamwork, as your workers can work on the same document simultaneously. When choosing a document management solution, ensure that it has ample storage and keyword search to make it easier to locate your files. Options with mobile device access are also helpful, so feel free to consider this. Fortunately, you can invest in brands like SharePoint document management systems to achieve the best results. 

  1. Ensure that they have relevant collaboration tools 

Effective collaboration is essential to your remote workers’ productivity. For starters, it fosters healthier team relationships and optimizes the workflow processes. This, in turn, promotes efficiency and reduces stress. Seeing these benefits, investing in the relevant collaboration tools makes sense. Moreover, they are the major communication channels since you wouldn’t work with centralized internal communication systems. However, it’s essential to understand your business needs to avoid wasting money on an incompatible collaboration tool. Consequently, select options that enable your team to work from any device while promoting easy management of multiple projects. 

Collaboration tools with messaging, time tracking, and security are worth considering, so keep this in mind. You can consider the following collaboration tools; Around, Trello, Slack, Zoom, etc. As a tip, research what tools your competitors use or seek opinions from third-party review sites to make a more informed decision. Recommendations from friends can also work, so feel free to consider them. 

  1. Invest in various workplace setups

Admittedly, many workers operate from their homes, making them more comfortable and productive. However, this doesn’t apply to all, as some workers face distractions due to family obligations and noise. Moreover, some employees find it difficult to distinguish work time from personal time, leading to an unhealthy work-life balance. You can help such employees by investing in dedicated workspaces to help them work remotely without distractions. For instance, you can offer stipends for employees to work in small business rental spaces close to their homes.

Co-working spaces also come with office amenities that mimic the feeling of working from the office, so feel free to consider this. For workers who work from home, offer work-from-home financial benefits to invest in a more comfortable home office. As a tip, ensure that they acquire ergonomic furniture and provide them with laptops and printers, so they don’t use personal items. 

  1. Encourage your workers to give regular feedback 

Regular feedback from your remote team is beneficial for many reasons. First, building a strong work culture promotes comfort and efficiency is easier. Likewise, you can get valuable insight into how to make remote working more beneficial for your business. It’s important to listen to your remote workers’ opinions and avoid becoming defensive. Instead, prioritize asking questions to understand their perspectives and how they can improve remote working outcomes. While acting on their feedback is essential, it doesn’t mean that you should apply all they say. It’s prudent to analyze their contributions and select what would suit your business at that time. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

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