Living abroad is a life-enriching experience that gives you the opportunity to experience a new culture, new way of, new foods, and new experiences. It is a fun and exciting adventure to be enjoyed to the fullest. That said even the most heart of adventurers can miss home comforts and the familiarity of the things you know and love most about your home. If this is you then here are some ways you can help to integrate your home comforts with your new life abroad.

Bring some essentials with you 

If you have a few special items that could make a difference to your surroundings then bring them with you. It could be a cushion or blankets, mugs, candles, or even loungewear, whatever it is that makes you comfortable and feel at home then pack it and take it with you. 

Find your native food in local shops 

Large supermarkets often stock international food, so depending on where you have moved to and where you have come from you may find it easier than you think to find the foods you know and love. Alternatively, if there is a large ex-pat community you may find smaller independent shops stocking international foods. Failing that, ask your guests and visitors to bring out your local delicacy when they are visiting you. 

Stream your home countries TV services

If you are a Netflix user then there is a great hack you can use to allow you to stream the Netflix service offered in your home country. You can find out here how to change Netflix region giving you access to a little slice of home and allowing you to watch the Netflix content offered in your home country. 

Keep in touch… 

Social media and messaging apps have made it easier than ever to keep in touch with friends and family. You can video call, voice message, and send and receive photos in an instant. There is no excuse for you not to be able to keep in touch with those nearest and dearest to you, just because you are in a different country. The biggest stumbling block is likely the time difference. 

…But not too much 

While keeping in touch is important it should be balanced. Spending all of your time talking to people back home could prevent you from making new connections and truly settling in your new environment. It is also likely to provide you with a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) that could adversely affect your mental health. If you are finding yourself scrolling through for updates on life back home and it inflicts that pang of sadness, pull yourself away from it. Have some social media downtime or readdress the accounts you follow. 

Make new friends 

If you are feeling homesick or lonely a great way to combat this is to make new friends. Spending time with new contacts is great for your mental health and will enable you to get out and about. It can lift your spirits while simultaneously introducing you to new places and new experiences. 

Making new friends as an adult can be daunting but don’t be shy. Talk to your co-workers, friends, or local social media groups. Alternatively, look for ex-pat community meet-ups or social events to expand your social circle. Don’t forget that if your new friends know and love your new country they will be excited to show you around and show you the highlights of your new hometown. 

Create a routine 

One of the biggest challenges when moving abroad is settling in and getting into some form of structure or routine. This can be especially difficult when you are still finding your feet and getting to know where everything is. Try to implement a routine into your week, this could include fitting in exercise, meeting friends, playing sports, working, and so on. A routine can be a great way to help you feel stable and settled in unfamiliar circumstances. 

Make a bucket list

Now that you are living somewhere new with new experiences waiting to be unearthed, spend some time researching the place you live and the nearby surroundings. Look up the best places to eat, the most fun things to do, or places to go and create a bucket list. Challenge yourself to do as much as you can on this list, not only will it keep you busy it might help you fall in love with your new home. 

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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