When it comes to choosing a career or perhaps changing careers, something that can be top of the agenda when deciding which path to take is to seek a career that helps people. For many, they want a daily job that provides satisfaction and worth, and often that comes in the form of helping others. 

Careers that help others can come in many different ways. You could opt for the hands-on approach and physically care for people. Or perhaps you are better suited to caring from behind a desk by way of social work, for example. 

There are many different ways in which you can pursue a career that helps others and meets your skills and interests. If you are still looking for some career inspiration then below is a list of careers that typically lend themselves to helping others.


Sitting behind a teachers desk is a great way to help individuals on a daily basis. It also allows you to see the results of your hard work firsthand as you watch your students grow and flourish under guidance. Teaching can come in many forms, from typical high schools and elementary schools to after-school clubs, special needs units, or young offenders institutes. You never forget a good teacher and well regarded and respected teacher can have a profound impact on a student’s life. So, if you have a love of learning and want to help shape future generations then a career in education is perfect for you. 


Medical careers have to be one of the most obvious options when it comes to helping others. Providing healthcare to others is a guaranteed way to help people in the community. Whether you are helping them recover from an operation or performing the operation, medical careers can offer a plethora of ways to help. If you have an aptitude for science and medicine but don't feel comfortable working directly with patients then you could consider a career in medical research. Medical research is an essential part of modern medicine as it allows for new discoveries, treatments, and cures. Pursuing a career in medicine can take many forms and it will be challenging mentally, emotionally, and physically. That said, it is a selfless career that could allow you to help hundreds if not thousands of people throughout your professional life. 

Emergency services 

Emergency services are an integral part of the community with a variety of functions that help to protect, care for and help others. Here are some of the most common careers in emergency service and how they help others; 

Firefighters help to rescue people from a variety of situations from fires to accidents. Primarily firefighters are trained to extinguish fires and save people and property from fires. That said, they are also trained to help rescue people from accidents, from situations where they might be trapped, or in danger from chemical spills or flood water. 

The primary role of a police officer is to maintain law and order. It is their job to protect the community from criminals and help to ensure that everyone remains safe and free from harm or crime.

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) respond to 911 calls and provide emergency medicine to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of the community. An EMT will be the first responder to a medical emergency and will treat the emergency while transporting the patient to the nearest hospital or physician if required. 

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