Ask any kid ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ and they’ll probably reply with one of the following occupations. But just what does it take to get into these careers? And is it too late to revisit your childhood dream job? This post lists some of the most popular childhood dream jobs and the necessary requirements.


A ‘professional sportsperson’ is the number one most popular dream job among young boys. Becoming a major league athlete is something you have to commit to young, often requiring years of training and a scholarship. It’s not something you can pursue later on in life, however there are still teams and leagues for older players, as well as many other ways to get into the sports industry from local coaching to sports marketing.


There are very limited placements for astronauts – you often have to be very good at maths, science and engineering and in peak physical shape to stand a chance of making astronaut candidate selection training. Landing a job as an astronaut later in life is unlikely, however space oriented jobs you can pursue using platforms such as Space Foundation CI&E. If you’ve always had a passion for space, follow it! 


Many kids want to be a doctor or vet when they grow up. Getting into a medical or veterinary school often requires top grades in multiple sciences and many years of training, however there is no age limit for entry provided that you are physically able enough. There are also so many other jobs in healthcare and animal care that are much easier to get into that could allow you to still follow your passions.

Police officer

Many kids also love the idea of becoming a police officer. You do not need a degree to become a police officer and can join at pretty much any age. Of course, there is still training to pass and not everyone is able to manage it. Jobs related to police work such as security could be another option. 


To become a firefighter, you don’t need any qualifications. You do however need to pass physical tests and medical checks. Some fire departments have upper age limits, however many don’t, making this a dream career that you can return to later in life. 


A lot of kids don’t just want to be an actor, but a film star. This is no easy feat, however acting is a job that you can get into at any age. Most people land a job in theatre first and then make their way to the silver screen. You may also be able to land jobs as an extra, which you can build upon.


A popular dream job among young girls is to become a dancer. Professional dancers often have to start training young and be in peak physical performance. There aren’t many avenues for older dancers, although a passion for dancing could still enable you to become an instructor or agent.


A lot of kids dream of becoming a famous musician. There’s not much chance of becoming the next pop sensation later in life, however you can become a professional musician at any age provided you can sing well or play an instrument. Playing local live gigs, teaching music and selling music for commercial use are all ways to earn money as a musician


Want to guess what the most popular dream profession is among young girls? That’s right, it’s teaching – and it’s arguably one of the most in-demand and accessible jobs on this list. Many of us are put off teaching as we get older due to the stories of the high workload and low pay. While teaching certainly isn’t the highest paid or easiest job in the world, it is very rewarding. This site Engage Education explains more on how to become a teacher. 

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