People with a second job and some other forms of a side hustle to make ends meet are more common these days. It's unfortunate that many people are forced to give up their free time just to earn enough, while some still struggle to make enough. Fortunately, looking for the best side hustles during this economic crisis is becoming easier – at least there is a bright side to look at.

Working From Home Is The New Thing

57% of American respondents hold a second job, an alarmingly high figure. However, there are other reasons for living and grinding all the time lifestyle, as many people have debts to pay, mortgage payments to settle every month, and other reasons such as the desire to save money for the future.

Being a driver is one of the side hustles that are quite popular among Americans with cars. However, as the world is still trying to contain newer Covid-19 outbreaks, it may not be the safest option for extra earnings. While it is a side hustle that isn't exhausting with decent pay that would allow you to sit down and chill while driving people from their homes to their office jobs and do some visits with some senior living advisors and other meetings, the risk doesn't seem to be worth it. Also, as many businesses have gone online during this period, finding financially satisfying remote work isn't difficult. So, here are a few that might be a good option for you:

  • Online seller

The best thing about being an online seller is that there are many websites where you can sign up for and sell your products. You can use Etsy and some social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook. This side hustle would allow you to sell whatever you want, from art, clothes, jewelry, books, home décor, and more.

  • Digital marketer

You can try your hand at a variety of roles if you decide to work as a digital marketer. You can be the person responsible for a company's social media marketing and even run their Facebook and Instagram. Working as a data analyst, marketing specialist, and many other positions are also possibilities.

  • Writer and proofreader

Looking for well-paying writing jobs online would give you many relevant results. Whether you can work as a scriptwriter, marketer, ghostwriter, SEO writer, or copywriter, you will surely find something.

  • Blogger

Many people frequently see Blogging as a hobby rather than an income-generating side hustle. Still, it's a common misconception as affiliate marketing is a lucrative way to earn extra cash when your blog has earned many followers.

  • Virtual assistant

Being a virtual assistant allows you to work by providing administrative support for companies and helping their clients over the internet. Besides these tasks, you could also be expected to make phone calls, respond to messages through emails and chats, organize appointments, bookkeeping, file reports, and manage some blogs and even the company's social media.

  • Transcriptionist

Transcribing would allow you to earn money for doing simple tasks that would entail listening to different types of audio files and typing them. Most of the time, you would also get interesting recordings to transcribe, including podcasts, lessons, interviews, and more.

  • Online teacher

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and all the lockdowns and other problems, it has caused, online learning has become an inevitable and necessary trend. It has grown in popularity due to the epidemic, as life must go on despite the crises, and students must learn even if they are at home.

Finding online students shouldn't be difficult if you have a specific subject that you're qualified to teach, such as music, art, and English. Of course, some teaching jobs require a bachelor's degree, some certifications, and experience.

  • Translator

While learning a new language is cool and useful, not everyone has the patience and money to take several classes every week, especially if they only need specific documents to be translated to another language. This part is where you could come in and work as a translator, which could be suitable for you and anyone fluent in two or more languages.

Home-Based Side Hustling Is The New Thing

The online side hustles available are abundant, and if you really want to make more money, you shouldn't wait longer to start looking for jobs. While there are many jobs to choose from, there are also many other job seekers, so prepare your CV and start sending it to possible employers now while remote working is stilla trend.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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