Attending car shows is an incredibly fun activity that is enjoyed by people of all ages from every single walk of life. They usually come packed with an array of vehicles alongside food and drink, all of which will make for the perfect day out. There is no question that attending these car shows has become increasingly popular recently and as such, you should know the best ways that you can present your car in order to get it noticed if you intend on entering these shows. 

Regardless of whether it is your first time or you have done it a thousand times over, there are always going to be a range of different tips for you to pick up on. Do you want to win a trophy? Do you simply want to win the appraisal of a passing audience? It doesn't matter either way, as the below are going to be incredibly helpful. 

Find the Best Places to Show Your Vehicle 

One of the best ways to present your car doesn’t actually involve the car at all, rather the venue that it is displayed in. You are going to struggle to show people how good your car is if you are showcasing it in rundown areas. When you do eventually show it off, you should ensure it is in a high-quality venue such as The Vault, which hosts many classic car events all year round. 

Detail Your Car 

Detailing your car may well come across as an obvious tip, but a lot of people out there really don't understand the true meaning of doing so. If you are getting your vehicle judged and do not have any true detail on your vehicle, then it will certainly be noted by other people that are having a look around. 

You will, of course, need to give it a regular wax and wash but will also need to pay attention to the nitty-gritty details. What are these details? Well, they include the likes of using cotton buds in order to clean your air vents. In the same vein, you are going to need to use a toothpick so that you can take out crumbs in the dash, as well as clean off stains from the ceiling fabric, clean the wheel wells and even shine everything in the engine bay. Once you have done all this, there will be nothing for people to pull you up to you. 

Cover Your Liability

No matter how well you drive, accidents can happen. That's why it is essential to have insurance to cover the value of your show car in case of an accident. If you're at fault, your insurance will also cover any damage to the other driver's car and any injuries they sustain. Even if you're not at fault, your insurance will pay to repair your car. Take care to read through your insurance policy, so you understand what is and isn't covered. Furthermore, accidents don't only pose a financial risk to your show car but also to yourself, so keeping the details of a car accident lawyer saved on your phone is always a good idea in case you need legal assistance down the road.

Bring a Folding Chair 

Of course, one of the things that will impress people about a car will be the person that owns it. As such, throughout the day, you are going to need to be constantly present to answer questions about the vehicle and inform people how you keep it looking so good. One of the best ways you can do this is by staying next to your car throughout the show, although this can, of course, be tiring, so it makes a lot of sense to bring a folding chair so you can stay by it all day long. 

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