Your body comprises seven chakras, with the sixth one being the most powerful. The third eye, or Ajna chakra, is a source of intuitive wisdom that does away with negativity. By clearing any mental blockages, your third eye best connects you to your instincts. 

Meditation is the simplest way to activate and awaken your third eye. With this holistic practice, you can concentrate better, release negative toxins, and channel your energies. For third eye chakrameditation, a calm environment is essential. 

Meditating To Open Your Third Eye 

Activating your third eye by meditating on it opens up possibilities for a deeper understanding and greater self-awareness. Fulfilling the listed aspects will help you achieve what you set out to do through meditation:

Wisely Choose Location and Time

The location you choose to meditate in should be quiet, uncluttered, and familiar, so you switch into that mode faster. Opt for a time of day when your mind is most relaxed—sticking to the same slot each day allows for consistency and better results. Avoid meditating immediately before or after your meals.

Loosen Your Body before Meditation

Stretching every muscle before you begin your meditation routine takes care of any bodily stiffness you may be experiencing. Since you will have to sit still for a considerable time while meditating, you must be comfortable throughout. Stretching also mentally places you in a meditative frame of mind.

Adopt a Favorable Posture

The right posture is important, be it sitting on the floor or on a chair. Relax your shoulders, keep your spine erect, and place your hands on your knees. Relaxing your face and stomach muscles helps you draw on positive energy and focus on your breath.

Gently Shut Your Eyes and Breathe

As you slowly breathe in and out, feel your body expanding and contracting with every breath. Concentrate on the present moment by diverting your mind from all that is causing you to stress out. On the count of three, inhale deep breaths and exhale slowly over the same duration.

Concentrate on Your Third Eye

Your third eye chakra is located between your eyebrows. To help you better concentrate on this point, you can place your finger on it while keeping your eyes shut. Once your concentration is at its highest and your sole focus is on maximizing your Ajna chakra potential, you enter a transcendental phase.

When you count down from one hundred with concentrated focus, you will gradually activate this chakra before your counting ends. You know your third eye is open when you experience an energy high, clarity of thought, and improved concentration. 

Stay Focused For A Few Minutes

Train your mind to appreciate the third eye and soak in this awareness for at least ten to fifteen minutes. After that, you can gradually exit your meditative state by breathing in and out and eventually opening your eyes. 

Ensure you harness this third eye energy by practicing meditation daily as only then the balance remains intact. With each session, you will achieve a firmer grip on the art of meditation. 

Ease your distress and access your full potential using guided meditative techniques taught by the pros.

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