The structural make up of the human body comprises several muscles moving with different bones, supported by ligaments and tendons. You’ll need to gain muscle to strengthen this complex motion system. But it takes carefully selected exercises that focus on different muscle groups to gain muscle. 

Here are ten of the top exercises that can help build muscle fast. 

1. Deadlift

Top 10 Exercises For Gaining Muscle 1

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

The deadlift is a weight training exercise very common among bodybuilders due to its efficiency and effectiveness for bulking. For many fitness enthusiasts, it’s the ultimate expression of strength. The muscles the deadlift targets include quads, lower back, hams, forearms, glutes, hips, and upper traps. You can add supplements from credible sources like Dianabol Canada to your deadlift seasons for the best muscle gaining results. This can boost overall strength, increase power, and elevate performance. 

2. Bench Press

Whether you workout at home or in an ultra-modern gym, chances are you’ll have a bench with a barbell sitting above it. The bench press is a standard exercise for excellent reasons. It offers the convenience and versatility that few exercises provide. For the best results, you’ll need to find the right bench, and you’ll need to position yourself on the bench properly. When done correctly, it can build the triceps, pectorals, and anterior deltoids. 

3. Bent Over BB Row

Bicep curls are excellent for arms, and deadlifts focus on the posterior chain. However, if you want to gain muscle in all those difficult places, you’ll have to put your back into it. The Bent over BB row focuses on muscles like lats, mid-traps, forearms, lower back, brachialis, rear delts, rhomboids, and biceps. It involves a regular barbell, overhand grips, and your back. You can use a wide overhand grip or close underhand grip to target different muscle groups.

4. Barbell Pullover

You can use the barbell pullover to target the lats or chest muscles. To get the most out of this exercise, you’ll have to use a weight heavy enough to enable you to stretch fully with your hips down. It can target the lats, triceps, upper pectorals, and upper pectorals when done correctly. This exercise is ideal for your upper body and works best with moderate reps.

5. Pullup

Top 10 Exercises For Gaining Muscle 2

Photo by Ryan Snaadt on Unsplash

The pullup should be on your exercise list if you wish to build muscle, strengthen your core, and improve your posture. There are three ways you can think of the pullup. These are the start-from-bottom, halfway, and top positions. If you get all these three phases right, work on different muscles, including your forearms, lats, rear delts, rhomboids, biceps, mid-traps, and brachialis. Also, attaching weights can intensify the workout. 

6. Leg Press

This specific exercise focuses on the lower body muscles. The main leg muscles you’ll be working in this exercise include the quads, glutes, hams, and hips. You can use it to emphasize different thigh muscle regions by varying your height on the backrest and the width of your feet. Given these variables, each set or workout session presents an opportunity to focus on building specific regions and leg muscles for the best results. 

7. Squat

Top 10 Exercises For Gaining Muscle 3

Photo by Benjamin Klaver on Unsplash

Focusing on lower body muscles is the squat. This exercise works the hams, quads, glutes, hips, and lower back. When executed correctly, it will strengthen your glutes and leg muscle, boost your lower body’s mobility, and help maintain healthy joints and bones. Weighted squats do not need to compromise the proper range of motion. You’ll need to ensure that you control each rep, with your thigh becoming parallel to the floor.  

8. Upright Row

The upright row is among some of the best exercises for building muscle in the shoulders and back. However, you’ll need to ensure perfect form to avoid injury and ensure the best results. You can execute the upright row either with barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells. Apart from the shoulders and back, it also works muscles in the forearms, biceps, traps, and brachialis. However, you can use a wide shoulder grip to concentrate work on the shoulders. 

9. Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Top 10 Exercises For Gaining Muscle 4

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

As the name implies, this exercise is primarily for gaining muscle in the shoulders. It is originally a variation of the standing dumbbell press and involves sitting on an upright bench—grip two dumbbells in both hands at shoulder level. Then, with a tight core, move the dumbbells directly upwards until they touch above your head. Gently lower your dumbbells to the initial position and repeat for a full set. 


Dips may not require any special equipment. However, they are also very useful for building muscles like the pectorals, anterior deltoids, and triceps. You can position some extra weight in your lap to increase resistance for better results. Also, leaning your torso slightly forward during your dips can focus on the chest muscles. On the other hand, maintaining an upright torso will target the triceps. 


Some essential parts of physical exercise and fitness that many people overlook is warm-up and stretching. You’ll need to adequately warm up your muscles in preparation for any workouts and stretch them post-workouts. This helps prevent common workout injuries and facilitate recovery. Hence, ensuring that you reach your fitness goals quickly. 

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