Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. With a massive following, lots of video games and many unique variants, it’s still one of the most dominant sports in the world. But what makes soccer so popular? What makes it such a great sport and why do so many people love it? We took a dive into the soccer world to uncover some of the biggest reasons why it’s such a lovable sport.

It can be fast-paced, but it can also be quite slow and calculated

Soccer is a sport that goes through mood swings. There are times when the sport can be explosive, fast and heart-pounding. However, you also have moments where commentators can take a bit of time to discuss strategies, and teams can play a lot more slowly and more methodically.

You can basically play it anywhere you want

Whether it’s an indoor soccer builder making five-a-side courts or a bunch of friends kicking a ball around on a field, soccer is one of those sports that you can play almost anywhere outside or in someone’s garden. The rules can be modified to fit the number of people you have, you can play on many different surfaces, and there’s no need for strict rules when it comes to just playing around and practising your skills.

The rules are simple to learn

The most popular sports as the ones that are simple to learn and don’t make things too complicated. While there are a couple of rules in soccer that may seem a little strange to grasp, it doesn’t take long to learn them and incorporate them into your knowledge. The simplicity also makes it very easy to watch and understand.

It’s all about the players themselves

One of the great things about soccer is that many of its best players are highlighted as celebrities. This makes it rather easy to learn about the latest talented players, and it also spawns a culture where the fans have their favourite players and are likely to support them during the game itself.

The FIFA video games are well-known

Ask anyone that plays video games and they’ll probably know what the FIFA series is. As one of the go-to soccer video game franchises, it’s extremely popular and there are plenty of different titles available across multiple different platforms. FIFA is a game with massive potential and is a staple game that almost everyone owns. Even if you don’t have the most up-to-date version, playing a FIFA game is a blast.

It has an incredible history that you can follow

Whether you learn about the origin of soccer or its legendary players, soccer is a game that has a lot of stories and history about it. You could probably tell unique stories for hours with a soccer fan because they’re just so passionate about the game. It’s a wonderful community where you can learn a lot about anything soccer related while also enjoying the game with friends and family members.

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