The famous Swiss company Rolex is known for producing world-class watches based in Geneva, Switzerland. This brand was originally named after the founder Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis as a brand “Wilsdorf and Davis.” This company was founded in London, England in the year 1905.  This company today belongs to the luxury watchmaking industry which is providing service worldwide.  This brand has revenue of nearly $5.2 billion as per 2019 data.  Rolex has a subsidiary brand named Montres Tudor SA. It was ranked as the 71st most valuable brand in the world for Forbes in the year 2018. This was also there as the top 10 most expensive watch for the year June 2019. The slogan of this brand is “A Crown for Every Achievement “. 

Common Characteristics of Rolex Wall Clocks

The material with which usually Rolex wall clock is built is metal. The build of every Rolex material is really elegant and classy just like the brand itself. The material is really strong and is strong. Has a really sturdy body. Like all others, all clocks in this brand also have a wide variety of color and designs. You can also customise your clock according to the room or the wall.

Batteries with this item are not included. Batteries are the possession of the customers. The dimension of the watches varies according to the design. I am just giving the basic dimension as per a basic round clock. The dimension for such a clock will be 13*13*5. The weight of such a similar product will also be around 1.3 pounds. This is just for an idea but these features usually vary with the designs. Rolex wall clocks are available in different shapes and sizes as per your wish. They can be round, rectangle, square or any other shape.

With a Rolex wall clock (standard) a 1AA battery is required. All the three hands are smooth and work quietly and accurately. A Rolex clock watch usually produces no noise and is quite silent. Rolex wall clocks are made up of fine glass and have very great visibility. The numbers on the clock are very clear and clean. These are also viable from a distance.

There is always a back knot which results in easy installation on the wall. The frames are really hard and strong. Some of the Rolex wall clocks are just stunning and have been selected for auctions as well. The Rolex wall clock is usually big if not customized. The packaging is very good and will cause no damage if they are being transported. They can be a great part of the room decor.

Rolex wall clock is very easy and simple to use. Still for extra guidance the company provides a manual with the box. The packing is just very good as expected from the brand. Comes in a solid box with the logo on it. The clocks are well-packed with bubble wraps and cautions on all sides. Unlike another watch, this can be transported anywhere.


People associated with the brand as their ambassador are Shah Rukh Khan from India and Roger Federer as an international celebrity. Classy people with the classy brand are all that we can say. Moving on to customer review. Well to be honest these brands can never have some to point out negative. The reviews are just really good. It is just meaningless to such a name. Not only common people but also world-class celebrities go for this brand. 

If you are someone who wants to add class to the 5room have a Rolex watch. The high build-up, great designs, good visibility, silent work and accurate time is what I would like to wrap Rolex Clock watches with.

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