You may think that growing weeds in Grand Theft Auto Online sounds fun, but it is worth considering, not just humor. Building a weed farm in GTA Online is a great way to take advantage of the recent Bikers update. Here you need to go from green to green.

Weed is one of many pharmaceutical companies that you can invest in and all of them need care and attention for growth.

Raid Instructions: 

  • To trigger this event, you must fulfill the Trevor mission! Weed Farm is only available on Thursdays, and you can’t use any labels to get to the farm, which means you have to go through the main entrance (with the “Braddock Farm” sign).
  • If all conditions are met, the “Weed Farm” icon will appear on the map, and you can attack the area. When you enter the Farm, you will need to destroy Six members of the gang, so jump over the fence and shoot at the gang members.
  • Five gang members will be outside the farm, and the Sixth will hold the money. Destroy the last guy on the farm, then take a briefcase full of money. The amount of cash can be different (from 60,000 USD). Fortunately, the police do not pay attention to this, so you can just leave the area with the money.

Growing guide weed in GTA Online: how it works

First, if you want to start an MS, you need a club. You can find clubs on the website of Maze Bank Foreclosures in the game network. Once there, you will see a list of several excluded properties that could be turned into a club MC. The cheapest club that you can buy costs $200,000 and is located in the middle of the desert.

When your home is in production and while you continue to buy or steal materials, you can continue to harvest. The fact is that it is worth it.

Weed Farm at GTA Online: how much money can you make?

One way to make more profit is to buy a business as far away from Los Santos as possible. How it works: the more you try to get rid of the product, the more you can earn. So, if you buy your farm outside of Los Santos, you can make more money than if it was in town.

You have the option of stealing cargo from other MCs in the game. This may be dangerous, but only the cops may arrest you when you get your protection update, which you’ll find out a bit more about. Basically, you get free supplies and extra goods by stealing the cargo from other firms. The marijuana farm payoff will be noticeable more easily in this way. 

You can also sell the weed farm business. Starting from  169,000 dollars at the low end. The high-end one is around $294,000, which is the sum of money you can make each time you complete the full circle of production. The period for the whole warehouse to be filled begins from 2h to 3.5h.

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