User-generated content, often called UGC, refers to any text, image, review, etc., created by individuals over business brands. These brands regularly share UGC content on Instagram and other social media marketing platforms to boost user engagement and sales. 

Using UGC on Instagram for business 

Several brands depend on Instagram for posting user-generated content. Multiple users often share posts exposing products and services of a specific brand for their audience. They can share content, boost credibility, and sales in the process.

If you are new to the concept of user-generated content, and wish to use it for your business brand, go through this guide to help you. 

Before you move on to using user-generated content for your Instagram profile, you must know why you should use it? So, first, let us move on to the importance of user generated content-

Reasons for you to use user generated content 

Experts in the field of Instagram marketing say that user generated content are a key strategy for boosting user engagement. You should never ignore its importance for the following three reasons- 

  1. Promotes your brand’s authenticity – Consumers are more likely to look at user-generated content as more authentic over content crafted by business brands themselves. This gives brand credibility when it comes to sales and web traffic.
  1. Invokes trust – Today the modern customer has become very savvy, and it is here where you should invoke their trust for brand loyalty. This is where user generated content will help you.

They will show users what they are to expect with your product or service. For instance, if a user wishes to check out a new dining restaurant, UGC works the best at converting him/her into a potential customer and the background check of the restaurant’s site. 

The content will speak of the experience that one faced at the restaurant. This is where it works for direct conversion of the person walking into the restaurant to taste the experience shared by the post online.

  1. Drive customer purchasing decisions – The first two advantages will ultimately lead to a potential customer’s purchasing choice. Over 80% of individuals say that user generated content has a deeper impact on their choices when it comes to finally buying the service or product.

Keeping in mind the above, you should not forget the significance of Instagram Stories and how they have been exclusively created for you to drive purchases. You can combine the staying ability of Highlights and use them with the immediacy of Instagram Stories for creating an album that allows your potential buyers to keep watching for as long as they wish to. At the same time, they can visit the site whenever they are comfortable to do so to make the purchase. If you are searching for ways on how to become Instagram famous fast, UGC content is a foolproof marketing strategy to help you in this endeavor. 

How can you share UGC on your Instagram profile?

Given below are the following ways via which you can share UGC content on your Instagram profile-

  1. Create a desire for your brand – When you share exceptional user generated content on Instagram, you automatically invoke a desire for the brand in users. This strategy works well for brands dealing with lifestyle and travel. 

 It really can be powerful when you showcase the attractive sights of the travel destinations you cover through the lens of your customers. If you see other brands that showcase UGC on their sites, you will find they generate several likes, shares, and comments.

These posts also inspire people to visit regions that they have never been before, and this is where their success rates lie.

  1. Showcase & inspire users with brand loyalty – You should create a desire in the customer to experience your business brand for the first time. This, in turn, helps you to build brand loyalty.

When you establish this brand loyalty, you can foster healthy and long-term relationships with your clients. The results of the above are positive as customers will keep on coming back to purchase your products.

Once the brand loyalty is established, people who are your repeat customers become your fans. They will promote your brand to their friends and relatives. 

With regular user-generated content, you can ignite excitement for the brand and allow your loyal customers to become your product or service ambassadors in the country.

  1. Create a library for content – Every business brand faces the challenges of posting fresh and consistent content on their Instagram accounts. User generated content resolves this problem. You can refer to this content to get new ideas.

Collect them and make a library to help you get relevant material to boost sales and invite likes from your current users. Business brands using this strategy have been able to increase their follower counts too.  

Embrace the best practices for user generated content

Before posting user generated content for your Instagram profile, keep the following points in mind –

  1. Ask permission from the user even though it has your brand hashtag. Most users are not aware of the fact that a brand hashtag is linked to user generated content. So, to be safe, ask them first.
  2. Always give credit to the creator- Make sure you give the original creator credit before you share user-generated content on Instagram.
  3. Offer something valuable in return- when you seek UGC from followers and fans, offer something valuable in return. Host a social media contest to get several UGC content. You do not need to give prizes. Many users are really happy to be featured on the page of a business brand.

Therefore, when you share UGC content, ensure you keep the above points in mind. With this content, you can boost customer loyalty, engagement likes on your Instagram page, and consistent revenue with your business brand’s success!

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