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As the most downloadable app since 2019 and millions of active users, TikTok is the favorite of many travel enthusiasts and bloggers these days. If you have a travel blog or have a tour and travel business, this video-sharing app lets you record, change, and share short videos of up to 60 seconds to pique audience interest. 

If you would like to post multiple short videos of stunning beaches, waterfalls, mountains, lakes, oceans, monuments, or historical places, TikTok is your best bet. You can post funny, humorous, informative, witty, and even silly travel videos to make them viral in no time on TikTok. 

According to an article published on https://edition.cnn.com, amid the corona crisis, people are going places from their living rooms. Social media users aregaining an advantage over one another on Instagram, TikTok, as well as Facebook, rebuilding scenes of them wandering via airports, looking out of flight windows, andeven missing flights. So if you are a travel blogger, you should try these TikTok tips to post stunning content on the app.

First things first, engage 

As TikTok is a platform to share short videos, you can build engagement right from the start and that is your key to success. The users might discover your content while scrolling through the feeds or with a relevant hashtag. It means that you have little time to pique audience interest and prevent users from moving to the subsequent video. Your aim is to make people watch and re-watch your videos. 

You can build engagement by posting a question using voice over or text to hold user attention. You can ask something like, “Did you explore these caves at Andaman?” Such questions will make users inquisitive about the place if they have not visited yet and those who explored will try to comment on your post. That is how you can build user engagement. Your aim is to make your audience hooked to the TikTok content you posted. 

Format the videos properly 

Tutorials, listicles, as well as how-to videos, are well-accepted formats when it comes to TikTok videos and therefore, travel bloggers as well as content creators can use these formats to build user engagement. 

As far as listicles are concerned, they offer information that is easy to understand, and with numbers, users will stick to your content until the end. That is because people know how much time they spending on TikTok videos from the beginning. 

You can also use a spontaneous, peppy track with your travel videos to set the tempo at every point. You can edit the beats to give your content a professional look and feel. You can also use a trending song for your content to improve your reach. People scrolling through the videos might stop on your video when they hear a popular song. It might help you  real TikTok views in a short while. 

How-to videos and tutorials on TikTok will educate your targeted audience in a creative, humorous, and fun way. Displaying before and after edits, landmark reflections, awesome transitions, as well as snow-capped mountain peak revelations are a few creative ways travel bloggers can take their TikTok content to the next level. You can also use speed-up edits to make people re-watch your travel videos many times to understand the details completely. 

Cheery pick the top details from an existing travel blog 

Introduce yourself to TikTok users as a content creator instead of a consumer so that you can make the most of your existing blogs and content created. Try to build an interesting mosaic with the images you have with you. If you have a travel blog with funny, quirky, and interesting facts, there is nothing like it. 

You can build an engrossing story spanning between 15-60 seconds from a quality blog post that will expect you to choose the best parts from that blog. Your job is to combine these bits and edit the content to create stunning TikTok content in the days to come. 

Follow popular travel enthusiasts and bloggers on TikTok

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The best tip is to figure out what other popular bloggers on TikTok are doing on TikTok. Be a consumer for a couple of weeks on this app to determine which content is going viral, which not. Learn how content creators tweak videos on TikTok. Do not copy them directly, but develop your unique selling point. Create and post videos that look real and new so that your content stands out from the rest on this app. 

You can follow popular travel bloggers like such as Jon Miksis, The Curious Pixie, Follow Me Away, Beautiful Destinations, UNILAD Adventure, and Jacob Riglin. Draw inspiration from these blogs or content to take your TikTok travel content to the next level. 


Keep these tips in mind to create stellar TikTok content surrounding travel and exotic destinations around the world. Keep videos short and interesting. 

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