Each year there is a computer science week where they focus on coding and computational thinking, and one can get involved. Apart from the hour code, many people don’t know how to implement coding in their classroom; hence there should be a platform for students to learn about coding and computational thinking. Learn more about this topic on custom research paper writing service.

How to get started 

Start by referring to the code site or checking out computer science from Goggle; there are also apps and websites. The categories are according to the student’s grade. Many options offer ways to search based on the type of activity, topic, or level, making it easier for teachers to learn.

After starting with code.org or computer science first from google, proceed to explore the following resources.

Sites to Explore

Artist: this app allows students to learn coding with blocks to complete.

Code.org: This link will help find a list of resources and activities, hence sign up to take part in the hour of code. There are a lot of tutorials.

Code Combat: This is a game based on computer programing, allowing advanced students to learn more about JavaScript or python. It will enable students to type their codes and influence their characters.

Code Monster: This is for less advanced students who want to learn more about coding. Two boxes appear on the screen with codes and explain what each code does, making it easier for students to understand.

Robot Rattle: Helps students to learn through operating a robot by using blocks, drag, and drops. Students write the instruction if the device is available, the robot performs the activity as written by the virtual code. 

Hopscotch: This is for specific activities available for the hour code by use of pads students. It enables students to create their own. 

Turtle art: Students can create their craft through the use of block coding. For example, using Scratch but using one turtle and mathematics to do the programming.  

Explore Mars: Preferential to students in grades three through eight. It allows students to create mars exploration. Students work through activities that enable them to improve their problem-solving skills.

Code-it studio: It is for use by grade two students and allows them to program art and design.

Codespark: Students code a video game by using self-paced activities.

Unusual discovery: By the use of Scratch and CS, it enables students to create their own stories using codes.

Khan Academy Code: Students can watch while they work through their challenges or decide their projects mainly used from grade six and above.

Kodable: There are activities for subjects that allow students to begin from armatures and advance. It can also enable students to choose their adventure.  

Minecraft: Developed by Microsoft, students use codes to stop forest fires mainly for students in grades two and above. There is also a free online course for educators.

Robo-Restaurant: Students in grades two and up can program a robot to design a restaurant. The coding must be correctly done.

Star Wars: Students Learn to code with Blocks and JavaScript.

Tynker: offers a variety of activities for coding, which include STEM activities text coding and the new UN+, which focuses on ecological issues  

VidCode: This is an online platform that offers teachers a chance to explore computer science and coding. 


For a better understanding of coding, use the above resources, making it easier to begin coding.

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